Date: none given; no earlier than 1897
Lines: 2
Script: ‘khyug
Document bears seal, apparently of Ngor khang gsar.
Remarks: See also HMA/LTshognam/Tib/13

A receipt from the abbot of Ngor Khangsar monastery, in Tibet, for an item of jewelry for the performance of rituals for the transfer of merit on behalf of Lama Tshewang Bumpa, who has recently died.


1. jig rten ’di nas pho pa spyi laṃ du gyur pa / tshe ’das tshe dbang ’buṃ pa de nyid kyi ched tu bsngo rten rin khor gsuṃ ’byor de nyid nas byas bas

2. sdig bltung nyes tshogs byang zhing dag nas / bde ’gro’i rten bzang thob pa’i bsngo smon rgyas ’debs byed / ngor khang gsar mkhan ming pas mdudng (mdud dang?) bcas (seal) /


The abbot of Ngor Khangsar confirms that, thanks to the three-jewelled necklace that has been received as the support for the transfer of merit on behalf of Tshewang Bumpa, who has recently passed away, an extended ceremony will be held to dedicate the merit to purging and purifying his accumulated sins and failings, and ensuring that he attains birth in a higher realm.