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Date: none given

Lines: 23

Script: tshugs


An undated list of the ceremonies performed in the annual cycle of Gompa Gang. Most of the events are described as cho ga (rituals) or prayers (smon lam).  Two other categories of rituals that are named are sku rim and zhabs brtan. Although the particular ritual or prayer is not usually specified beyond this, most of the entries specify either the donor or the intended beneficiary of the ceremony. It is likely that names associated with prayers are deceased people on whose behalf the prayers have been commissioned, whereas those that appear with rituals are probably the sponsors of those events. In a few cases the endowment that has been made is specified.


  1. § byor chags bskor nas / hor zla dang po la / byin bdag yul pa phye= / jo mo bde chen chos brol phyed / mcho ga yin / § tshes
  2. bzhi la / jo mo nga dbang chos mdzom gyis smon laṃ yin / § tshes lnga la rigs ’dzin dpal rtsang dang bkra shis don grub gnyis
  3. mcho ga yin § tshe ’grub [±4S] chos brgyam dang [±13S]
  4. tshi srid dar dang dpaldn (dpal ldan) tshi ring gnyis phyed / dkon mchog rin chen nas phyed mcho ga yin / § tshe brgyad la g.yu ru dang
  5. nyi ma phun tshogs phyed phye[d] mcho ga yin / § tshes dgu la sku zhabs rdoer (rdo rje) zhabs brtan yin / § tshes bcu la kun dga’ dpal
  6. ’byor gyi mcho ga yin / § tshes bcuig (bcu gcig) la bkris (bkra shis) dang ring ’dzin dpal rtsang gnyis kyis chang kyu bod khal gcig / § tshes
  7. bcuis (bcu gnyis) bcuṃ (bcu gsum) la yul [pa?] nas ’jaṃs pa’i byor chags yin / § tshes bcu bzhi bco lnga bcu drug thugs sob bcong byor chags yod / § tshes bcu
  8. bdun la ’brags kar padma’i smon laṃ yod / § nyer lnga la bsteng ma dpal ldan me me gnyis nas byor chags [2-3S] / § hor zla bzhi nam
  9. bkang la mtha’ ru chos skyabs dang tshe ris rgyal mtshan gnyis byor chags yin / chos ga yin / § tshes gsuṃ la bkra shis bdon grub nas
  10. cho ga yin / § tshes lnga drugs la smon laṃ yod / § tshes bdun la gted pa tshis ring bsaṃ phel tshi ra’i chos skyabs sri dar bsaṃ phel
  11. tshi ring phuo^gs (phun tshogs) bzhi yi cho ga yin / § tshes brgyad la bde zhin chos grol kyis cho ga yin / § tshes bcu la jo mo rdoe (rdo rje) mkhro’i (mkha’ gro’i)
  12. cho ga yin / § tshes bcu gsuṃ la bla ma’i bdud rjod [= dus mchod] / § tshes bcui (bcu bzhi) la gu ru dang spen pa sri dar gnyis sku rim / § tshes bcnco (bco lnga) la rgya^s
  13. pa’i byor chag / § hor zla brgyad pa la gnaṃ gang mchod pa’i smon laṃ cig yod / § tshes brgyad la smon laṃ cig yod / § tshes brgyad la
  14. phur pa ’khor kyis smon laṃ mar me sbyin bdag la nyin bshaṃs / § bde yi nyin phur pa ’khor pha bzan nas byor phyags rgyab ras bse
  15. mkhal / mar khu zo ba bdrug lin {phun} phul pa yin / § hlor (hor zla) bcu pa’i tshes bcu la sku zhwog zil mnon kyis smon
  16. laṃ yin / § tshes bcuṃ (bcu gsum) la gu ru nas phyed / tshe sri dar dang dkoog (dkon mchog) rien (rin chen) nas phyed / § bcngo (bco lnga) la bso ma tshul khrim kyis byor phyags
  17. § bkun bka’ dpal ’byor kyi gnaṃ gang la byor phyags / § hlor (hor zla) bcuig (bcu gcig) ba’i tshes bco lnga la spen pa sri dar dang zla ba bsaṃ ’grubs gnyis kyis
  18. byor phyags yin / § dang po’i tshes bcu la ’byaṃs la mar me kun tshes ri’ yin / bkris (bkra shis)
  19. ’don ’grubs tshe ring kyis ho bzla bzhi pa’i tshe bcuig (bcu gcig) la dngul bcu ’byor bchags yin / ho bzla bzhi
  20. pa’i tshe bzhi la bla ma drung raṃ pa’i nyi shu rtsa lnga ’byor bchag yin bchog dga’ yin
  21. {pa’i btshe bcuis la 1S} ho bzla zhi pa’i tshe bcuis (bcu bnyis) la spa bzang btshe ring kyis dngul bcu
  22. gsuṃ ’byor bchag yin / smo laṃ mar me yin / zla ba 1 pa’i tshe 25 tshugs rnaṃs rgyal kyi byor chag
  23. dngul 15 bul /


Concerning endowments

1st month

The village patrons have given half, and the nun Dechen Chödrol has given half. This is a ritual.


4th day: The prayer for the nun Ngawang Chödzom

5th day: The ritual of Rigdzin Palzang and Trashi Döndrub (remainder of line 3 damaged)

[7th day?] … half from Tshi Hridar and Palden Tshering, and half from Könchog Rinchen. This is a ritual.

8th day: This is a ritual funded equally by Yungdrung and Nyima Phuntshog.

9th day: This is a zhabs brtan ritual [on behalf of?] Kuzhab Dorje.

10th day: A ritual of Kunga Paljor.

11th day: The basis for the beer is 1 bod khal of beer donated by Trashi and Rigdzin Palzang.

12th and 13th days:  The endowment for the [ceremony of] Maitreya is from the villagers.

14th, 15th and 16th days: endowment for the ceremony of renewal of vows.

17th day: The prayer for Pema of Braga.

25th day: Endowment of [—] by Palden of Tengma and her female relative.


4th month

Endowment by Tharu Chökyab and Tshering Gyaltsen; this is a ritual.

3rd day: A ritual [sponsored] by Trashi Döndrub.

5th and 6th day: A prayer.

7th day: A ritual of four people of Te, Tshering Samphel, Tshering Chökyab, Hridar Samphel and Tshering Phuntshog.

8th day: A ritual of Dezhin Chödröl.

10th day: A ritual of the nun Dorje Khandro.

13th day: The annual ceremony to commemorate the death (dud rjod < dus mchod) of the [unidentified] lama.

14th day: A sku rim ceremony [sponsored by] Guru and Penba Hridar.

15th day: Endowment by rGyas pa…?


8th month

For the ceremony of the 30th day of the [previous?] month there is a prayer.

8th day: A prayer, the prayer [sponsored by] the Phurpa Khor society. On that day, the association (pha bzan < pha tshan) of the Phurba Khor society has made an endowment that gives [annually]: 1 se khal of buckwheat, and a quantity of oil equal to 6 zo ba of barley.


10th month

10th day: The prayer for Kushog Zilnon.

13th day: Half from Guru, and half from Tshe[ring] Hridar and Konchog Rinchen.

15th day: Endowment by Soma Tshultrim.

30th day: Endowment by Kunga Paljor.


11th month

15th day: Endowment by Penba Hridar and Dawa Samdrub.


1st month

10th day: The butterlamps for Maitreya are from Kun Tshering


(Different hand)


4th month

11th day: Dondrub Tshering made an endowment of 10 rupees.

4th day: The Lama Drung Rampa made an endowment of 25 [rupees] for a ritual.

12th day: Endowment of 13 rupees by Pazang Tshering. This is for prayers and for butter lamps.


1st month

25th day: Endowment of 15 rupees by Namgyal of Tshug.