KC-04 copy






Date: none given

Lines: 10

Script: ’khyug



An undated list of the ceremonies performed in the annual cycle of Gompa Gang, apparently an incomplete version of Tshug_Tib_1_06.


  1. § byor phyag skor / hol dang po la byin bdag yul pa {1S} phyed jo mo bde chen chos brol phyed / cho ga yi / zla pa dang po tshes zhis la
  2. jo mo nga dbang chos ’dzom kyis smon laṃ yin / tshe {drug} lnga la [rigs] ’dzin dpal rtsing dang bkra shis bdon ’grubs gnyis kyis cho [1-2S]
  3. tshes drugs la gu ru chos spel dang yul pas nyis nas [6-7S] tshes bdun la tshi sri thar dang dpal ldan tsh[e ring]
  4. gnyis nas phyed kon chogs rin chen nas phyed cho ga yin tshes rgyad la g.yu ru dang nyi ma phun tshogs gnyis nas phyed phyed cho ga yin tshes dgu
  5. sku ’zhabs rdo rje ’zhabs ldan yin tshes bcu la kun kha pal ’byor kyis cho ga yin / tshes bcu gcig la bkra shis dang ring ’dzin dpal gsang
  6. gnyis chang gyu bod ’khal cigs tshes bcuin (bcu gnyis) bcuṃ (bcu gsum) la yul pa nas ’jwam pa’i byor phyags yin / tshes bcu zhi co lnga bcu drug ’thugs sob
  7. cong ’byor yod tshes bcu dun la brags kar pad ma yi smon laṃ yod / nyer lnga la ltags ma dpal ldan gnyis nas byor =gs yin / hol
  8. zla pa zhis pa’i gnaṃ kang la thon rgyu chos bkyabs dang tshes ris rgyal gnyis nas byor phyags cho ga yin zhi pa’i tshes gsuṃ la bkra shis
  9. bdon grubs nas cho ga yin / tshes lnga drugs la smon laṃ yod / tshes bdun la mted pa tshes ring gsam ’phel tshes chos bskyabs sri dar
  10. gsaṃ phal tshes ris phun tshogs kyis cho ga yin / tshes brgyad la bde zhin chos brol kyi cho ga yin / tshes bcu la jo mo rdo rje mkha gro cho ga yin /


1st  month

The village patrons (lacuna) half, and Sister Dechen Chödrol [has given] half

4th day: Sister Ngawang Chodzom’s Prayer ceremony

5th day [Rig]dzin Palzang and Trashi Dondrub’s ritual

6th day: Guru Chöphel and the Community, those two…

7th day: Tshi Hridar and Paldan give half, and Konchog Rinchen gives half. This is a ritual.

8th day: Yuru and Nyima Phuntshog give half each. This is a ritual.

9th day: the zhabs brtan ceremony for Kuzhab Dorje.

10th day: Kunga Paljor’s ritual.

11th day: Trashi and Rigdzin Palzang have given, as the basis for beer, 1 bod khal [of barley]

13th and 14th days: The endowment for the Maitreya [ceremony] is from the villagers

14th, 15th and 16th days: endowment for the ceremony of renewal of vows

17th day: Prayer for Pema of Braga

25th day: Endowment from Palden of Tengma and one other


4th month

4th day, dark moon: Chokyab and Tshering Gyal’s ritual [based on an] endowment.

3rd day: ritual [funded by] Trashi Dondrub.

5th, 6th day: prayer.

7th day: A ritual of Tshering Samphel, Tshe[ring] Chökyab, Hridar Samphel and Tshering Phuntshog.

8th day: A ritual of Dezhin Chödrol

10th day: A ritual of Sister Dorje Khandro.



This document is an incomplete copy, or an earlier version, of Tshug_Tib_1_06. The contents are identical to that of the latter up to the 10th day of the 4th month, but lacks entries for the subsequent months. It is likely that the remaining entries were listed on a separate sheet that has been lost.