baragaon 3





Date: Water Rat year, 11th month, 4th day Script: ’khyug; numerals Arabic, Tibetan, Nepali Lines: 10

  1. chu byi zla pa 11 pa’i tshe 4 nyin | snga Zzhabs gi dngul ’byung ’dzin kod pa |
  2. rtab shil |
  3. kya bris rin dngul—111 (Arabic numerals)
  4. grobs ri rin dngul—1 (Tibetan numeral)
  5. rag zang gcig rin dngul—1
  6. rdi ri so ma nas dngul—4
  7. bris rin dngul—1
  8. snyer ba rnying ba 2 lags nas dngul—4
  9. phyis ling sgor mo—8
  10. snyer pa rnying ba 2 lags nas dngul—50


4th day of the 11th month in a Water Rat year (1912). Receipt of money by Baragaon (mNga’ zhabs) from various sources. Unless otherwise indicated, the numerals used in the text are Nepali. Line 9 apparently refers to some sort of foreign curency (phyi gling sgor mo). The meaning of the other items can only be guessed at.