baragaon 4




Date: Year not given; 10th month, 13th day, Friday Lines: 4
Script: ’khyug ma tshugs

  1. snga zhabs bha ra dgong nas | ster yul mis la phral gis thogs la |
  2. glar sdar byes
  3. brgyu la phral gyis thogs la gro byes brgyu ’dugs | tshos la mi brags rgyad (yong dgos) |
  4. snga zhab gong po ’dzom yod | dzar nas brtang yod | zla 10 ba’i tshes 13 res za 6 snyin tshe 14 nyi ma phed thubs la phyugs med byas nas (yong dgos) |

    1. mnga’ zhabs bāragāũ; khral gyi thog 2. slar rdar byed; rgyu la khral gyi thog la gros byed rgyu ’dug; tsho nas mi drag brgyad 4. mnga’ zhabs gang po; btang yod; res gza’ 6; tshes 14; nyi ma phyed thug; ’chug med


From mNga’ zhabs Baragaon [to Te]: the people of Te must be questioned again on the sub- ject of taxes. Eight people from each county must come. All of mNga’ zhabs has assembled. This is sent from Dzar. Friday the 13th of the 10th month. You must arrive without fail by noon [tomorrow], the 14th day.