baragaon 7



Lines: 7
Script: ’khyug ma tshugs

  1. snga zhabs bha ra dgongs yul khag cu bdun thogs nas | bros byas nas tshos brgyar
  2. na dngul—2000 yul brgyar na dngul—1000 gan brgya zhags yod | glar sdar thogs
  3. bros byis bgyu ’dugs | tshos la mi brags rgyad (yong dgos) gam brgya gis thogs la
  4. stang yed gan sten ’dzin—1 zla dbang dus—1 bu zhung snags bris—1
  5. nyi ma—1 karma rten ’dzin—1
  6. zla ba 10 pa’i tshes 13 res za 8 gnyin dzar nas bstang yod | mi snga ’ong bha khur nas zla ba 10 ba’i tshes 14 gnyin nyis ma
  7. phyed la ’phyugs med byas nas (yong dgos)
    1. mnga’ zhabs bāragāũ; bcu bdun thog nas; gros byas; tsho ’khyar 2. yul ’khyar; gan rgya bzhag; slar dar? 3. gros byed rgyu ’dug; tsho nas mi drag brgyad; gan rgya’i thog 4. rgan bstan; zla ba dbang ’dus; bu chung snags? bris? 5. karma bstan ’dzin; mi lnga ’ong ’ba’ ’khur 6b. nyin nyi ma 6a. res gza’ 8; btang yod

Translation (to be read in conjuction with Bar. Tib. 50)

From seventeen communities of Baragaon. There is a document to the effect that if, following a discussion, a county abandons its membership [of Baragaon], it should pay 2000 rupees, and if a settlement abandons its membership it should pay 1000 rupees. As soon as the summons has been issued again a discussion must be held. Eight Important Men must come from each county. According to this written agreement, the headman bsTan ’dzin of Taye, Zla ba dbang ’dus, Bu chung snags bris (?), Nyi ma and Karma bstan ’dzin, these five men, must come promptly at midday [tomorrow], the 14th day of the 10th month, bringing the forfeit [of 2000 rupees from the Tepas].

Sent from Dzar on [Satur]day the 13th day of the 10th month.


7. re za 8 (< res gza’ 8). According to the dating convention used in Mustang, the weed begins on Sunday with no. 1 and ends on Saturday with no. 7, sometimes also designated by 0. The number ‘8’ here is obviously a mistake; however, since the 14th of the month is a Sunday, we may reasonably assume that the 13th is a Saturday.