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Date: Wood Horse year, 4th month, 23rd day, Tuesday Lines: 6
Script: ’khyug ma tshug


  1. shing rta zla 4 tshe 23 res bzang 3 nyin | snga zhabs rgan mis brags spyis smang thun smong chogs nas spu rang dang | ’rdzar (bla ma) byam pa gsnyis skor la |
  2. spu rang gnas snga zhabs gang gsung la nyen pas | (bla ma) byam nas bhin ’di sol bskor la | ma gsen pa pheb pas ’di don la cigs thogs
  3. cigs dang phar pher med pa | bhin ’di sol snying pa nang zhing dngul zha zhus med len rgyu chod pa yin | don ’di mi rgyur spyis lags skar phyags rtags |
  4. skags rgan tshan ldan rtags | tshug rgan rnams lcags rtags | sted rgan bu zhugs dbur rgyan rtag | sdzong rgan tshe dbang don ’drubs rtags | sdzar rgan shes rab
  5. zang po rtags | spu rang rgan chos skyabs rtags | phen lhags rgan (dgra ’dul) rtags | tses slis rgan skarma rtags | yig ’bris dang ’dzong rgan nga dbang
  6. tshe ring cas sa hi | snga zhabs gis dngul—200 dang | ’su bha la ’phul pa dngul—25 blam spyod gsnyis phyag la yod |

    1. tshes 23 res gza’; mnga’ zhabs rgan mi drag spyi dmangs thun mongs phyogs nas; byams pa gnyis 2. mnga’ zhabs gang gsungs la nyan; byams [pa] binti srol skor; ma gsan par phebs pas; gcig thog 3. gcig dang pher-phār; binti srol rnying pa nang bzhin zhazhü (< zhu ba) med; mi ’gyur spyi lag skor phyag; 4. mtshan ldan; tshug rgan gnam lcags; rgan bu chung? u rgyan; don ’grub 5. bzang po; karma; yig ’bri; ngag dbang 6. bcas sahi; mnga’ zhabs kyis; subba; bla mchod gnyis


1. Tuesday, the 23rd day of the 4th month in a Wood Horse year. From the headmen, the Important Men and ordinary citizens of mNga’ zhabs, concerning Purang and Lama Byams pa of Dzar.

2. Purang has obeyed all the rulings of mNga’ zhabs. But Lama Byams pa has not heeded its stipulations and has gone [to …?]. In consequence of this, in accordance with the old stipula- tion, in which there is nothing other than direct retribution for a violation (lit. no different from one-upon-one),

3. he shall pay money without deviation. This resolution has been confirmed by the document being passed from hand to hand and signed.

4. The headman mTshan ldan of Kag; the headman gNam lcags of Tshug; the headman of Te Bu chung u rgyan; the headman of Dzong Tshe dbang don grub; the headman of Dzar Shes rab

5. bzang po; Chos skyabs, the headman of Purang; dGra ’dul, the headman of Phelag; Karma, the headman of Tsele. The writer of the document was Ngag dbang tshe ring of Dangarzong.

6. The. 200 rupees of mNga’ zhabs and the 25 rupees to be given to the subba are being kept by the two priestly communities [of Lubra and Chongkhor].


This document relates to a dispute over the ownership of the area known as the pauwā at the eastern end of the MuktinathValley. The area is said to have been registered as the private land of Lama Byams pa of Dzar, but that the people of nearby Purang, who claimed it as their own territory, began cultivating it and won the ensuing legal case.