baragaon 9




Date: Wood Horse year, 10th month, 21st day, Wednesday (1954) Lines: 16
Script: ’khyug ma tshug

  1. shing ta zla 10 tshe 21 re [gza’] 4 [pa’i nyin] | phen ’des byung nas lugs nyis [go]ng ma khrim dag (rin po che) zhabs drung du | zhus pa rtags ming
  2. khogs |sham gsal| [b]l[o] sla[ng] mi ’rgyur ba’i gan dzin dor dus ’phul nying la | don tsa kags yul kyis
  3. tshe ring thogs [1] ’du rang kad tsam yang med pa’i gha rgya yi ge bri don la | kags yul rnam kyi bha ra gong
  4. la bha don ’ch[1] phyogs zhus pa yin kor | gal srid kags yul rnam kyis tshe ring la thes yod na |
  5. ka[g] yul rnam kyis bha don dngul—1000—stong cigs bha ra gong la zha sha zhus med pa thags chod yin |
  6. sham gsal
  7. kag sre kham sung sla glang mi gyur—phyags sa sres bu rgyal tsan slo slang mi gyur pa’i rtags |
  8. kags stod rgyal slo slang mi gyur pa’i rtags | ka rgyung drung slo slang mi gyur rtags |
  9. kags gra dul slo slang mi pa rtags | kags dun drul sla glang mi pa stags |
  10. ka bha bu slo slang mi stag | chos rgyabs (blo slang) mi pi rtags |
  11. kags ke mi slo slang mi gyur pa’i rtags | [1] ka mi bar ma slang mi gyur stag |
  12. ka mi chung sla slang mi gyur pa’i stag | tsha dbang slang mi gyur pa’i stag |
  13. ge gar sla slang mi gyur pa’i stag | bu chung dar po slang mi [stag] |
  14. kag pa tshe ring slang mi [stag] | phor tsho dbong rti stag |
  15. tshang drun grubs stag | gar ra stag |
  16. tshe ring chos gyabs stag | rol po ka mi (blo slang) mi gyur stag |1 shing rta zla 10 tshes 21 res gza’; phan bde byung gnas lugs gnyis; khrims bdag 2 mi ’gyur ba’i gan ’dzin mdor du ’phul snying; don rtsa 3 thog; sbrang skad; gan rgya; ’bri don; yul rnams kyis bāragāũ 4 ’ba’ ldon; yin skor; yul rnams kyis tshe ring la ’thad 5 yul rnams kyis ’ba’ ldon; stong gcig bāragāũ la zhazhü (SMT < zhu ba) med pa thag chod 7. bkag sras khams gsum blos blang mi ’gyur; phyag rtags? sras bu rgyal mtshan blos blang mi ’gyur ba’i rtags 8. bkag stobs rgyas blos blang mi ’gyur ba’i; bkag g.yung drung blos blang 9. dgra ’dul blos blang mi {’gyur} ba’i; kāmi bar ma {blos} blang 12. kāmi chung blos; tshe dbang 13. (ge gar?) 14. phun tshogs dbang ’dus 15. tshe dbang don grub; mgar ba 16. chos skyabs; rol po kāmi


Document dated 1954. The authors of the document, the people of Kag, have apparently been wronged by a certain Tshe-ring from an undisclosed village. They apparently wish to harm him, because this document refers to another one which forbids the people of Kag to hurt him in any way. The present document is apparently written in a mood of angry sarcasm, because the Kag people vow that they will pay a fine to Baragaon if they ever make up their differences with Tshe ring


1. Wednesday, the 21st day of the 10th month in a Wood Horse Year (1954). To the exalted dis- penser of sacred and secular law, the source of help and happiness. We supplicants whose thumbprints, personal names and lineage names

2. are appended below, present this document in brief of our own free will.

2/3. The subject [is as follows]: regarding the writing of an agreement [which states that the people of] Kag should not …(syllables missing)… or even say so much as the buzzing of a fly against Tshe ring, it is said [in this existing or proposed document] that the people of Kag

3/4. should pay a fine to Baragaon [if they do anything to Tshe ring]. It has been decided that, if the community of Kag is friendly towards Tshe ring,

5. the people of Kag shall pay a fine of 1000 rupees to Baragaon, without any excuses. 6. [The signatories are] listed below.
7. The Nobleman Khams gsum sets his thumbprint, as a confirmation of the decision. [Other signatories, all from Kag, follow]


1.–2. rtags ming khogs: a stock legal formula, in which khogs (more commonly khungs) may signify either the individuals’ family names or, as in this case, places of origin.