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baragaon 13a
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Date: Fire Monkey year, 10th month, 12th day, Tuesday Lines: 3
Script: ’khyug


  1. mes spres (zla tshes nyin) 10 12 3 dka’ phul spa btar (yi ge) bris don la | don btsa | mnga’ Zzhabs bha ra gha’u lhen ’dzam nas | bcis skyab su pa’i skum bton bcar brgyur | spu hrang dbang dus la ’khar btsa dngul 71 skur nas mar ’dzong pa dang | ldi don la
  2. ’khar btsa smā tshang phyin su bha nas ’dzong gnang yod pa (mkhyen mkhyen) | (yi ge) nang Zzhin gi las don la | su pa bha dka’ gi thogs nas phyags bris byor gnang Zzhu Zzhu | ’di don la rgyur pa med pa bha ra gha’u spyi’i ’phyags rtags |
  3. me pho spres lo zla 3 tshes 3 nyin | spu rang dbang ’dus ya bu yar sleb nas | khar rtsa gro song ni snga zhabs dzom nas res na spo rgyu dngul—100 song ba yin | |1. me spre; kābul patra yi ge ’bri don la; don rtsa; mnga’ zhabs bāragāũ; lhan ’dzom; spyi khyab subba; sku mdun bcar rgyur; dbang ’dus; kharca; bskur; mar brdzangs; ’di don 2. kharca ma tshang; subba nas rdzong gnang; nang bzhin gyi; subba bhākā gi thog nas phyag; ’byor gnang zhu zhu; ’gyur ba med; bāragāũ spyi’i phyag rtags 3. spre lo; yam bu {nas} yar slebs; kharca ’gro song ni mnga’ zhabs ’dzom; (res na spo)?


1. Tuesday, the 10th day of the 12th month in a Fire Monkey year. The reason for writing this letter is as follows: after a general meeting of Baragaon, the warden subba gave 71 rupees expenses to Wangdu of Purang as the wherewithal for his audience, and he was sent down on his mission. On this matter,

2. since the money for expenses was insufficient, we humbly request the subba to send [the balance]. In accordance with the content of our [last] letter, would the subba please send us a letter concerning an appointment? The people of Baragaon in general set their signature in confirmation of the subject of this letter.

3. The 3rd day of the 3rd month in a male Fire Monkey year. Following the return from Kathmandu of Purang Wangdu, [it was established] at a meeting of mNga’ zhabs that his expenses amounted to 100 rupees. (Meaning of res na spo rgyu not clear.)


2. bha dka’: the Nepali term bhākā means ’promise’ (among other things), but in the present context it has the sense of ’date’ or ’appointment’, as in bhākā rākhnu, ’to settle the date; put off the date’.

3. spres lo…:Unless the date on the last clause is wrong—it is seven months earlier than the first date—it appears to have been inserted as a recapitulation of the status quo ante, presum- ably the meeting which culminated in Baragaon sending the subba “our [last] letter”, of which the present document is apparently a reminder.