baragaon 16




Date: Iron Rat year, 5th month, 15th day, Tuesday Script: ’khyug
Lines: 15


  1. lnga zhabs bha ra gong gi can zig rnang bha la | tsho (re re) la mi ’rgyad yong gos
  2. mi kos pa’i rnam nes men zer mi phyogs spa | thogs dmar ’du phyo kor nas
  3. zur khang sam brub—1 gon pa’i sam brub—1 ’dzong nas (’rgyal ltod)—1
  4. lhan grub—1 lam nes phye ba—1 phyi migs (rdo rje)—1 spen spa khyi kyabs—1
  5. rnam ’rgyal cigs | spus gra nas tsham spa tshe ring—1 bsngos brub—1
  6. khyi kha nas tshang (srid dar)—1 kham sung—1 spen spa (rdo rje)—1 lhags spa—1
  7. ’dzar nas shes rab phyed bha—1 sres dbang ’dus—1 tshe ring kun ’rgyab—1
  8. tshe ring nes med—1 spus ra nas rnam ’rgyal—1 tshe ring—1 phyogs ’rgyal—1
  9. (rdo rje)—1 slu rags nas tshe ring—1 tshe ring (bstan ’dzin)—1
  10. cags byi zla ba 5 pa’i tshe 17 res za 0 nyin kags snying ma la gong mo ma yong nas
  11. zhar byes ’dus la ma blebs na nye phya dngul 8 zhus lam med pa kyang yin |
  12. yang can zig rnam kyi mi ’di ma yong na nye phya dngul 100 ’rgya tham spa za kyang
  13. yin rang rang gi yul kang kyil ’dam gos lnga zhabs gi sung khros la
  14. dzom migs rnam la bla phya dngul—4 spres gos cags byi zla ba 5 pa’i tshe 15 res za 5
  15. nyin lnga zhabs bha ra gong nas ri rnam spogs nas tram |1. mnga’ zhabs bāragāũ gyi spyan gzigs gnang ba la | tsho re re nas mi brgyad yong dgos 2. mi bskos pa rnams nas män zer mi chog pa | thog mar du chos ’khor 10. lcags byi; tshes 17. res gza’; rnying pa la dgong mo ma yong na 11. shar? byas dus la ma slebs na nye chad 12. spyan gzigs rnams kyis nyes chad; brgya tham pa 13. rkang skyil sdom dgos mnga’ zhabs kyi gsung spros 14. ’dzom mi rnams la gla cha; sprod dgos lcags; tshes 15 res gza’ 15 mnga’ zhabs bāragāũ


Document, dated 1960, signed by the overseer (spyan gzigs) of Baragaon summoning people to a meeting at Old Kag (i.e. Cangcang Lungba).


1. Issued by the overseer(s) of Baragaon. Eight people must come from each of the [twelve] counties.

2. Those who are appointed may not refuse.

[List of names follows up to line 9]
10. If, on Saturday the 17th day of the 5th month of the Iron Rat year (1960)

11. anyone does not come to Old Kag in the evening, and it is found during the roll-call that someone has not arrived

12. he shall pay 8 rupees, with no excuses. If the overseer does not come

13. he shall pay a fine of 100 rupees. The community of each of the [appointed people] should impose a curfew.1

14. The people who assemble for the Baragaon meeting shall be given a fee of 4 rupees each.

15. Thursday, the 15th day of the 5th month in the Iron Rat Year. [Meaning of last few words not clear: perhaps ref. to making copies of this letter? There is a duplicate of it in the collec- tion (see next item, HMA/Baragaon/Tib/17)]


10. kags snying ma: ’Old Kag’ and Cangcang Lungba are not quite identical. The general area is an alluvial fan south of Kag on the left bank of the Kali Gandaki, commonly known as Eklaibha