baragaon 18




Date: none given Lines: 13
Script: ’khyug


  1. snga zhab ’dzo[m] [1S] de sdon [1S] sdor khyi la
  2. khral cis ra stang dang khyung stang pa’i khyi
  3. ’dzom gos ’dug | sdes thog la khyis yul
  4. mis {1i} ma yong {tshe} ’dug sngab zhab bha rdon sdis
  5. kag rgan stob ’rgyal—1
  6. tshang (sdo rje) khyis—1
  7. (don grub? unidentified contraction ’drubos?)—1
  8. gro sdol—1
  9. phun tshogs dbang ’dus—1
  10. tsha ru—1
  11. mkhyis rnam sne chu mig gyar tsa spang
  12. tsug zhag pa’i ga ’rgya ge bha sdon khur
  13. nas khyis [±6S]


The meaning of this document is unclear because of the indistinct handwriting and the ellip- tical phrasing. It seems to concern a forthcoming meeting of Baragaon, and the addressees are being told to bring with them a sum of money that they are obliged to pay in according to terms laid down in an earlier document, in which the divinities of Muktinath are invoked as witnesses.