baragaon 19




Date: Water Rat year, 5th month, 1st day, Sunday (1912) Lines: 8
Script: ’khyug


  1. phan bde’i ’byung gnas lugs gnyis mkhyen ba’i mnga’ bdag blo smad mnga’ zhabs gtso bo dpon sku zhabs byam
  2. dbyangs | sku Zzhabs stag lha dbang ’rgyal gtsos mnga’ zhabs lhan rgyas Zzhabs drung du |
  3. (mtshams zhu) | deng | rma rnang mtsho gsum rgan las byed gtsos mtsho gsum
  4. mthun mongs nas gus bas Zzhu yig mche ’bul | don rtsa | blo smad mnga’ Zzhabs dang | gnye shang mtsho gsum zhes pa
  5. sngar nas | da bar bskyid dug gcig la gnas zhing | phar tshur gnod med pa | gcig la phan na| gnyis phyogs phan pa dang |
  6. gcig la gnod na | gnyis la gnod pa ltung pa | da ’dus | gnye shang pa | blo stod ngos sa dmar yan chad mi gtong zer
  7. ba’i skad thos bar | de lugs nas | mtsho gsum nas mi 2 dang Zzhu yig ’bul yod na | de bzhin gsal bya ’byor gnang
  8. yod pa (mkhyen mkhyen) | rab sngar bzhin gnas na (shin tu) spro legs | ches [1] pa chu byi (zla tshes) 5 1 1 | pas gnye shang mtsho gsum nas ’bul ||1. byung gnas; zhabs ’jam 2. sku zhabs; zhabs drung 4. zhu yig; mnga’ zhabs 5. skyid sdug 6. da dus 7. zhu yig


A letter from the ’Three Counties’ of Manang concerning their right to trade and transit through Baragaon. Manang (roughly synonymous with Nyeshang), located to the east of the Thorang Pass from the Muktinath Valley, expresses its anxiety that its traders are not being permitted to travel beyond Samar, which marks the the northern boundary of Baragaon.


1-2. To all the people of Baragaon who are led by their masters, foremost among them being the lords of Lower Lo sKu zhabs ’Jam dbyangs and sKu zhabs sTag lha dbang rgyal, the source of benefits and peace and who know the Two Traditions,

3–4. from the Three Counties of Manang, who are led by their headmen and officials. The subject is as follows: Baragaon in Lower Lo and the so-called Three Counties of Nyeshang have

5. from the past down to the present shared common interests. Helping each other without either side harming the other benefits both,

6. whereas harming one would be damaging to the other. Now we have heard it said that we shall not be allowed to go towards Upper Lo beyond Samar.

7. We, the Three Counties, have accordingly sent two people to present this petition, with sin- cere thanks in advance for your reply.

8. It would be very desirable to preserve the status quo of previous generations. Sunday the first day of the 5th month in a Water Rat year, from the Three Counties of Nyeshang.