baragaon 22




  1. chu ’byi zla ba 2 pa’i tshe 6 res za 1 nyin | gsham gsal blo ba snams nas | blo smad go yod rnams la | chod tshigs yi
  2. ges la sas ’rgyab nas ’phul gnying la | don tsha blo tod smad mtshongs lam dkor smad lam brtod bas shags nas
  3. tsha bru khyer ba | smad ba ma zod bas ’bru ’dzin ’byangs skabs brtod bas ’bru ma tshangs rang bdod shad ba la
  4. blar yangs blo bas ’bru nen par yongs ba dang | bhan gsar su bha (rin po che’i) nas bar bdums ’bru brtod ba la snang dzad
  5. ba la | dlam (contraction of da lam?) skabs gcig spyol ba khar rtar nas ’bru yod rtod ba la blog rtabs bzhu ’byes gsu lhan rgyad
  6. thogs | dan ’dzun spes brgyu’i Zzhal Zzhes la brten | sham gsal brtod ba rnams nas bung ’rgyab ’bru gangs
  7. ’byungs la sas ’rgyabs nas | blo smad la ’phul pa’i sham gsal rnams gi sem thad gi the’u rtags |

Left column


2. . 3. 4. 5.

blo dmon thang mngos drub ’bras bung ’rgyab—1 ’byung ba’i rtags | rda ba (srid dar) ’bras bung ’rgyab—1 ’byung pa’i rtags |

tshi ring don drub ’bras bung ’rgyab—2 ’byung pa’i rtags |

gsams brugs ’bras bung ’rgyab—1 ’byung pa’i rtags |

dpa’ dzom ’bres bung ’rgyab—1 ’byung pa’i rtags |

dgong mi mngobrubs (contraction of dngos grub?) khas len ’bras bung ’rgyab—2 ’byung pa’i rtags |

Right column

  1. dgong don cha spang
  2. sprugs cad spyol ba kha rdar (phyags rtags) |
  3. [illegible] rte ’dzes sman (phyags rtags) |

    1. chu byi; tshes 6 res gza’; sham gsal; rnams nas; ’go yod?; chod tshig 2. ge la sahi brgyab; sny- ing la; don rtsa; stod smad tshong lam skor; stod pas bshags 3. tshwa ’bru ’khyer; ma bzod; ’dzin ’chang; stod pas; tshang rang ’dod bshad pa 4. slar yang; yong ba; bansār subba rin po che; bar ’dum; stod pa la gnang mdzod 5. bcol ba khardār; stod pa la slog stabs zhu rjes su lhan rgyas 6. thog; bden rdzun dpyod/’byed rgyu’i zhal bzhes; stod pa rnams; bung rgyab ’bru gang 7. byung la sahi brgyab; rnams kyis sems ’thad kyis

    Left column: 1. dngos grub; bung rgyab; byung ba’i; zla ba; bung rgyab; byung ba’i 2. tshe ring don grub; bung rgyab; byung ba’i 3. bsam grub; bung rgyab; byung ba’i 4. dpa’ ’dzom? ’bras bung rgyab; byung ba’i 5. gong mi; bung rgyab; byung ba’i
    Right column: 1. gong don cha dpang 2. bcol ba khardār phyag 3. ’dzes? sman? (< Nep.)



1. Sunday, the 6th day of the 2nd month in a Water Bird year.
This document, addressed to the rulers (?’go yod) of Lower Lo, has been signed by the peo- ple of Lo, whose names are listed below.

2–3. The subject is as follows. Concerning the trade route between Upper and Lower Lo: when [a quantity of] grain was seized by the people of Baragaon (smad pa), who did not tolerate the shipping of salt and grain following the [blockade of the] route through Lower Lo being bro- ken by the Northerners (stod pa), the Northerners made the baseless allegation (lit. stated of their own will) that the [confiscated] grain was no longer all there,

4.but they have [now] come again to collect their own grain. Concerning the judgment by the precious subba at the trading post [regarding whether or not to give the Northerners their grain]:

5. on this occasion, the storekeeper (?) has requested [the subba] to return the grain to the Northerners. But in the future,

6. because [the subba] has condescended to determine the truth or falsehood of this matter concerning the various parties, the northerners listed below have set their signatures to con- firm the number of donkey-loads of grain

7. that there are, and the people listed below, who offer [this document] to the Southerners, set their thumbprints of their own free will.

Left column

1. Ngodrub of Lo Mönthang: one donkey-load of rice; Dawa Hridar: one donkey load of rice 2. Tshering Dondrub: two donkey-loads of rice
3. Samdrub: one donkey-load of rice
4. Padzom: one donkey-load of rice

5. The abovementioned Ngodrub: two donkey-loads of rice

Right column

1. The witnesses to the above:
2. The clerk (khar rtar < Nep. kharidār) Colpa of Tukche 3. (Unclear)