Baragaon 23a
Baragaon 23b



Date: no year; 3rd month, 30th day Script: ’khyug
Lines: recto 5, verso 2



  1. mkhyen pa’i spyan lam yang pa blo smad dpon ’bangs lhan rgyas nas gsan shes mdzad dgos brgyur | kha sngon sa rims brgyud dger lung du lhan ’dzoms dgos min gyi gsal cha |
  2. rnga ’bangs thams cad bsags te rjes su yig ge gtong brgyu brjod pa bzhin | ’di khar grong bdag mi ngo grags gras phal cher tshong sogs don gnyer la bskyod te ma sdad kyang | ’dir
  3. yod gras (thams cad) la brgyu rkyen zhib gsal brjod te kha zhib gros sdur brten brten gyis mthar | don du so sor lung pas srol lam sngar brgyun ltar so so nas byas na |
  4. mthus pas | da cha dmigs gsal lhan ’dzoms zhig bya ma dgos zhes rnga zhabs nas brjod ’dug pa de don zabs mtshor mngags pa zhu zhu | glo bo nas spyi rgan
  5. bzung ’brel nas zla 3 tshes 30 la |1 yangs pa; rgyur; sa rim rgyud 2 mnga’; gtong rgyu; mi ngo drag; ma bsdad 3 rgyu rkyen; brtan brtan gyi; lung pa’i; sngar rgyun 4 mthun?; dmigs bsal; mnga’ zhabs


  1. [1] blo bo nas | glo smad dp[o]n ’bangs lhan rgyas la sa
  2. gnas rim sam brgyud kyi bul dgos brgyu zla 3 tshe 30 la |2. ’bul dgos rgyu zla 3 tshes


Letter, dated 30th day of the third month (no year given), from Upper Lo to Baragaon about whether or not a meeting should be held to clarify arrangements concerning trade between the two areas.



1. [This letter] is to be [read] openly, and should be heard and understood by all the nobles and subjects of Lower Lo. Clarification is required about whether or not there should be a meeting at Gelung in accordance with the debate about whether meetings should be held suc- cessively in different venues.

2. As it has been said, the lords and subjects would all be gathered together and a letter sent. Here [in Lo], even though the householders of noble rank are for the most part absent, having departed for trade or other such purposes,

3. the circumstances (lit. causes and conditions) have been explained in detail to the
people of all ranks who are still here and the discussion has been concluded. If each [of the two places, Lo stod and Lo smad] acts according to its respective customs as in the past the

4. matter will be settled. Now mNga’ zhabs [Baragaon] has said that it is not necessary to have a meeting to clarify matters, and in regard to this we request that they be ordered forcibly (?zabs mtshor) [to attend]. From the holders of [the office of] spyi pa and rgan pa in Lo.

5. The 30th day of the 3rd (unclear here but visible on verso) month.


1. From Lo to all the lords and subjects of Lower Lo.

2. [This letter] must be handed successively from headman to headman. The 30th day of the 3rd month.