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baragaon 24a
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Date: Water Bird year, 5th month, 20th day, Monday
Lines: 17; 6 lines of text followed by two columns of names Script: ’khyug


  1. chu bya zla pa 5 pa’i tshe 20 res za 2 nyin | bha ra ga’u dpon bang nas chu tshig (yi ge) bris don la | sngon khyun srol med stes med
  2. srol sar gi | glo smad gi chugs rig la | mar phags gi mi chugs gnyis la tsa rto kags pa’i kyen la | ngos glo rmad nas
  3. ’ang tsa kags len la | mar phags du tshwa tshong ’rgyab brgyu med pa dang gcig | ar chang nyos nas thung brgyu med pa dang snyis |
  4. mar phag chugs rig rang yul phyogs yong kabs tsa bter brgyu med pa gsum | dgong don gsum rang rang so sor yul
  5. ’du grong pa thos men grags Zzhen la dā btang brgyu chod | da sma khrod tshe nye ba dngul 5 dang | da’ btang nas gong don tshig
  6. gsum la gal song phyed mi la nye ba dngul lnga chod ba yin |
  7. stab shil |

Left column

  1. dang ’dzong rgen dkarma rtags |
  2. pha lag rgen rtags la rtags |
  3. spags gling rgen tshe dbang (srid dar) rtags |
  4. bkags rgen rtob rgyal rtags |
  5. rti ri rgen tshi ri (bkra shis) rtags |
  6. rtang shed rgen lha rgyal rtags |
  7. tshugs (chos skyabs) rtags |
  8. sgya kha (dge slong) rtags |

Right column

  1. sa mar ’rgyal tshen rtags |
  2. tsang li yi shi rgyal tshen rtags |
  3. rted rgen nam gang cho kyab rtags
  4. spu kra dbang rtags rtags
  5. ’dzong sa phel rtags |
  6. chos khor ka mi rtags
  7. spu rang phur pa rtags |
  8. ’dzar lags pa rtags |
  1. khyen ka (rdo rje) rtags |
  2. blu brags dkar chung rtags |

    1. tshes 20 res gza’; bāragāũ dpon ’bangs; ’bri don; med de 2. srol gsar gyis; smad kyi phyugs rigs; phyugs gnyis; rtswa lto bkag pa’i rkyen; glo smad 3. kyang rtswa ’gag lan; rgyab rgyu; ’thung rgyu; dang gnyis 4. phyugs rigs; yong skabs rtswa ster rgyu; gong don 5. du grong pa mtho dman drag zhan la brda gtong rgyu; brda ma ’phrod tshe nyes pa; brda’ btang; ’gal song byed mi la nyes pa 7. tapsil

    Left column: 1. rgan karma 2. rgan stag lha 3. rgan tshe 4. stobs rgyal 5. rgan tshe ring 6. rgan lha rgyal
    Right column: 1. rgyal mtshan 2. ye shes rgyal mtshan 3. nam gang chos skyabs 4. dbang bdag? 5. bsam ’phel 6. kāmi 8. lhag pa

?????????(something missing)

1. Monday, the 20th day of the 5th month in a Water Bird year. A document written on behalf of the nobles of Baragaon. Since there was no [such] rule (lit. custom) in the past,

2. according to a new rule: concerning the livestock of Lower Lo, since the people of Marpha are refusing food to our people and fodder to our animals, we people of Lower Lo

3. respond to their refusal to provide fodder as follows: first, there shall be no trading of salt in Marpha; second, there shall be no purchasing of arak and beer to drink [in Marpha];

4. third, when animals from Marpha come to our communities they may not be given fodder. In our respective communities

5. householders both high and low, powerful and weak, must be informed about the above three points [by the representative present at this meeting].
Should any of the

6. three points be violated, if the reason is that the offender has not been informed, [the rep- resentative] shall pay a fine of 5 rupees, and if he has been informed, the offender himself shall pay a fine of 5 rupees.

7. List [of signatories]

Right column

1. rGyal mtshan of Samar
2. Ye shes rgyal mtshan of Tsele
3. Nam gang chos skyabs, headman of Te 4. dBang drag(?) of Putra
5. bSam ’phel of Dzong
6. Kāmi of Chongkhor
7. Phurpa of Purang
8. Lhagpa of Dzar
9. Dorje of Khyenga
10. Karchung of Lubra


Left column, 8. dge slong: while the term usually denotes an ordained monk, it is occasional- ly used in Mustang as a personal name for laymen.