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Date: No year given, 10th month, 12th day. Nepali text gives year as [BS] 2010 (1957) Script: ’khyug
Lines: 3, 5 on successive pages


Page 1

  1. [mkhyen zabs mchog] tu yang ba blo bo spyi khyabs [sang]s dkar rman dang
  2. [spyi khyab dka?]r ma rab rgyas bcas lhan drung du | ’bul rgyur | blo sman khar nas
  3. blo rgyas dang | ’brong spyi ngo tshab ’tsho gus bcas nas | zla 10 tshes 12 pa ’o |

Page 2

  1. mkhyen zabs mchogs tu yang ba blo bo spyi khyabs sangs ga’ sman dang dkarma rabs rgyas lhan drung du | stab bul | nye char ’brong spyi ngo tshab dang tsho gu bcas ’di ga
  2. smen thang sa gnas dus tshwa tshong thang bzhi gor bod dbar skrog rkyen du ma song ba le gang grig kyis bros mos rnang par ’byor ’byung pa bde tsis spyi khyabs lhan rgyas tshe 15 ’gyang
  3. med ’di ga’ sman thang dus ’byor ba ma pheb thabs med la bde rtsis khral pheb dang | bzhibs cha rdzong dam ’byar mi rgyas dris phyir ’bul bsong ba bde rtsis
  4. gang spyi nas dka’ mos le ’grig rnang par gong tshes nas ’gyang med lhan gnyis chib skyod yod pa zhu rgyur | sman khar nas | blo rgyal dang ’brong spyi ngo tshabs ’tsho gu
  5. bcas nas | zla 10 tshes 12 bzang por lang /

    1. zab mchog tu yangs pa; sankarman dang karma rab rgyas; stabs ’bul; grong spyi; tsho dgu 2. smon thang; bsdus tshwa; sa gnas su?; thengs bzhi dkrog; ’grig gi gros mo gnang bar ’byor byung ba de rtsis 3. ’di ga; du ’byor; de rtsis phral phebs; zhib cha; mi brgyad ’dri phyir ’bul song ba de rtsis 4. bka’ mol le ’grig gnang; sman mkhar; grong spyi ngo tshab tsho dgu


Addressed to the two Wardens of Lo, Sankarman and Karma rab rgyas, from the King and the representatives of the nine counties of Lo. The salt trade has on four occasions been a cause of conflict between Tibet and Nepal, on the territory of Monthang, and the addressees have provided helpful advice in the past on how this situation might be avoided. In order to prevent a conflict arising yet again, the Wardens are invited to a meeting on the 15th day of the month, in Monthang. They should attend this meeting at all cost, and are requested to come on horse- back.

Two lines in Nepali follow: date given as 2010/8/11



1. tsho gu (for tsho dgu), the ’Nine Counties’: Lo is almost invariably referred to as ’Upper Lo of the Seven Counties’ (Glo bo stod tsho bdun). The additional two counties are probably the two pastoral communities of Chötsong and Samdzong, which are sometimes treated as enti- ties separate from the main enclave.