baragaon 35





Date: Wood Hare year, 5th month, 3rd day (1915)

Lines: 15

Script: ’khyug



1. si ri ma ra ñi

2. shing yos zla ba 5 pa’i 3 nyin (bkra shis) bzhi pa’i 3 po ba

3. brgyu | snga Zzhabs yul khag (bco brgyad) gis grong res mi res

4. ’dzom nas sngon skyis bsrol lam thog gis phyags sdam gang yod

5. yig bya dpon nas bzhus pa’i don 1 sngon rtsa ro ngos rnam

6. la byor dgos pa la | (da thubs) dzar sku dbang skag a nyal

7. bzhes tshun | rtsa ro ma ’byung bar shing yos lor dpon zhes |

8. rim pas ded byang byed skabs | sku dbang tshun lo res la dngul 2[5]

9. rtsa lnga gsal byung pa’i tho bkod |

10. stab shil

11. mdzar tshe zlas sku dbang lo 1 gis dngul—25 | sku byam phyags nas byung |

12. sku Zzhabs stag lha dbang gyal lo 5 yis dngul—125 | sku rtags phyag nas byung |

13. mdzar sku byam lo 1 gis dngul—25 | sku byam phyags nas byung |

14. skags sku Zzhabs gra com lo 1 gis dngul—25 | sku gra phyag nas byung |

15. me sbrug lo tsa ra ha na bhir lags dngul—25 ’byung |

1. sri maharani 2. pauwa 3. rgyud; mnga’ zhabs yul kha 4. sngon gyi srol lam thog gi phyag dam 5. yig cha; zhus pa’i; tsara (< rtsar gcod) ngos rnams 6. ’byor dgos; da thug; anyal 7. tsara (< rtsar gcod); ma byung 8. ded? sbyang? 11. tshe ’das; ’jam phyag; 12; sku zhabs; dbang rgyal; yi dngul; stag phyag 13. sku ’jam; gi dngul; ’jam phyag 14. sku zhabs dgra bcom; gi dngul; sku dgra 15. me ’brug; tsa? ratna bir



1. Her Majesty the Queen

2. The third day of the fifth month in a Wood Hare year; the third day of the Peaceful

Auspicious [month], at the [Rani] Pauwa.

3. Following a meeting of one person from each estate of the 18 settlements of mNga’ zhabs.

4–5. Point 1: to request all documents concerning past rules from the nobles;

5–7. point 2: first, we must be allowed to make an investigation. There has not been an investigation

up to now since the time sKu [zhabs] dbang [rgyal] of Dzar became the anyal of Kag

In this Wood Hare year,

8–9. when making an investigation of the successive incumbents of the rulership, this is list

of the annual figure of 25 rupees since the time of sKu [zhabs] dbang [rgyal].

10. List

11. The late sKu dbang of Dzar, for one year: 25 rupees from sKu [zhabs?] ’Jam [dbyangs]

12. sKu zhabs sTag lha dbang rgyal, for five years: 25 rupees from sKu [zhabs] sTag [lha

dbang rgyal]

13. sKu [zhabs] ’Jam [dbyangs] of Dzar, for one year: 25 rupees from Ku[shog] Jam[yang]

14. Ku[shog] dGra bcom of Kag, for one year: 25 rupees from sKu [zhabs] dGra [bcom]

15. In the fire Dragon year, from Candra Bir: 25 rupees



2. The term bkra shis zla ba refers to months without intercalated (lhag) or excised (chad)