baragaon 37




Date: Water Rat year, 2nd month, 6th day, Sunday (1912)

Lines: 5

Script: ’khyug ma tshug



1. chu byi zla ba 2 pa’i tshes 6 re za 1 nyin | snga Zzhabs go dpon gsums la | dzar skra lding (ga ga) lha spyam

2. nas chod tshig dga’ ’rgya ’bris don | don tshan dzar sku Zzhabs ’dzams gling brgyu nor dzo po

3. snga Zzhabs na ’dzin zungs sprod gos gis don la dzo po brgyu nor migs thongs spyol ba

4. skyangs med ga zigs spyol ba ru gsongs na | snga Zzhabs dgo dpon lhan rgyad gi bka’ khrim

5. gangs mdzad men mi zhu zhus ba (ga ga) lha spyams ngos ma rtags |

1. res gza’ 1; mnga’ zhabs ’go dpon gsum; bkra sdings; lha lcam 2. gan rgya ’bri; zhabs ’dzam

gling rgyu nor mdzo 3. mnga’ zhabs nas ’dzin zung sprod dgos kyi don; mdzo po rgyu nor mig

mthong bcol 4. bskyangs med; gal srid bcol ba ru song?; mnga’ zhabs ’go dpon lhan rgyas kyi

bka’ khrims 5. gang mdzad man; lha lcam; dngos ma



1–2. Sunday, the 6th day of the 2nd month in a Water Bird year. To the three chiefs of mNga’

zhabs. This document is written by the noble[woman] (ga ga) Lha lcam of bKra [shis] sdings

House in Dzar. .

2.–4. The subject is as follows.

Concerning the need for Baragaon to confiscate (’dzin zung sprod) property and dzos from

sKu zhabs ’Dzam gling of Dzar: I have not knowingly taken any dzos or property into my


4–5. If it transpires that they have come into my charge, I shall not contest whatever punishment

the chiefs of mNga’ zhabs inflict on me. The Noblewoman (ga ga) Lha lcam herself sets

her seal.


There has been a ruling by the nobles that some or all of the property of a certain sKu zhabs ’Dzam gling should be confiscated. The lady Lha lcam has been accused of thwarting this confiscation by taking the threatened property into her care. She denies consciously harbouring the propery in question.

1. skra lding: a reference to bKra [shis] sdings, one of four noble houses in Dzar. Even now, the sons of this house are called tradiwe bisa (bkra sdings pa’i bu tsha).

3. ’dzin zung: the total confiscation of property carried out by anyone in authority. The SMT expression for this process is sharka gyabgen.