baragaon 38



Date: None given

Lines: 6

Script: ’khyug ma tshug



1. glo smad dpon sbangs lhan brgyas ’drung du | glo po smon

2. thangs ang po pha ’bu gsnyis nas dzwa man

3. ban ti khod nas ’phul gnyings don btsa’

4. tshugs tshi rings rdor jes brgyu nor brgyen cha ngos nas

5. lags nyes rku ba ngos ma yin bas | ’di thogs lung

6. srol nye pa grub brgyu dbang po pha bu gnyis rtags |rtags |

1. dpon ’bangs lhan rgyas drung du 2. thang dbang p; gnyis jaman 3. bandi bkod nas ’phul snying don rtsa 4. tshe ring rdo rje’i rgyu nor rgyan cha 5. lag nyas rkus pa; ’di thog; nyes pa sgrub rgyu



To the nobles and commoners of Lower Lo. dBang po of Lo and his son offer the following written confession that they have set down: it is true that we have committed theft, stealing property and jewellery from Tshe ring rdo rje of Tshug. dBang po and his son set their signature [to the understanding that] punishment will be inflicted on them according to local custom.