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Date: Water Snake year, 7th month, 21st day (1953)

Lines: recto 14, verso 1

Script: ’khyug




mkhyen ldan sa dkar sman blo spyi khyab la |


1. mkhyen ldan sa dkar sman blo spyi khyab gang la | stabs ’bras | nye lam de ga’i zla gras chos ’dzin can nas

2. rgyu mtshan zhu gsal de ga’i tshong mdzo’i kho ’nas rkun med rting nyang gi ’di khong dang phun gling khong bcas su mdzo 14 spus gtsong

3. byas lugs zhu yang rkun pa’i ’dzin bzung rtsis ’phul med par lam seng mdzo rnams phyir sprod shes min yang | rkun pa’i rtsis ’phul

4. byung bskun mdzo rnams phyir sprod byas ’thus brjod par | zla bras ’di pa rnams nas rkun po brtsad zhib gyi lag bson

5. rtsis ’phul byung bar | mi ngan yul gyi shed ma rdzab chen gang min la bsten lus steng rtsa jag gnad ’phrod kyi

6. ’dri brtsad byas par lab chen zer ba nas mdzo 20 rkus ’ded byas thog na gcig sha zhan ’pher min gyi lam bar sogs

7. ros gling thang zhes par bsad de bzos lugs dang | ’[1]os nas mdzo 14 spus gtsong byas pa rnams phyir len dang | rkun

8. po rang gi lag tu yod pas mdzo 5 bcas khyon mdzo bcu dgu ’di pa rnams mdun phyir slog rtsis sprod song ba

9. de khar rtsis bzhes thog ’byor lan gnas tshul dgos rgyu dang zla gras rnams nas khrims legs dar dkar gtsang gcig las |

10. de min nyes ’god dang | zhag mang ’gor ’gying sogs med pa ’phral ’phral thag bcad kyi phyir slog byas pa yin |

11. rkun po ’dir yod ’jig med rdo rje dang | bkra rdor nor bu dbang sdus zer gsum la | rkang lcags bsra gtan

12. dang ’khrod do dam rtsen bcug gi thog lus steng rtsa ra gnad ’phrod mig bltos su phan pa dpyod dang dpyod

13. mus la | thugs g.yeng mi dgos pa bcas zab ’jags mdzod | stag lha rdzong rim bzhi pas | chu

14. sbrul zla 7 tshes 21 bzang po la | (seal)



Letter addressed to “the wise Sankarman, warden of Lo”, from the “servant” (zla gras) Chos ’dzin can of Lha-rtse rDzong. It concerns the theft of twenty dzos belonging to Lo. The writer’s side has not been able to return all the dzos. The thieves, who have been caught, are dangerous evil villagers, and have accordingly been subjected to interrogation involving severe corporal punishment. Under questioning they admit to having stolen twenty dzos from the place called Bachen (Ba chen). On their way, at the place called Rölingthang (Ros gling thang), they butchered one of the dzos and ate it. After this they sold fourteen of the dzos. But these were apparently recovered, and all 19 surviving dzos have been sent back to Lo. The writer requests acknowledgement of their safe return. The author punished the thieves so that they are purer than white silk. They did not delay in sending back the surviving dzos, but acted as swiftly as possible. The three thieves who are in custody are called ’Jigs med rdo rje, bKra rdor and Nor bu dbang ’dus. They have been fettered and thoroughly beaten, and the spectacle they present is beneficial to behold (ltos su phan pa). The addressee need have no anxiety but may be reassured on this score. The writer is “the fourth in rank of Lhatse Dzong” (phran lha rdzong rim bzhi pas…). Dated Water Serpent year, 7th month, 21st day. Seal of Lhatse Dzong.



1. Zla gras chos ’dzin can: the term zla gras, “servant”, is presumably being used in this case in the sense of “civil servant”. Chos ’dzin can may be a personal name, but seems rather to be an official title.

2. mDzo: the word seems to be written mrdzo, but since the writer’s spelling is considerably better than what is to be found in most of these documents, it has been assumed that this is due to an idiosyncracy in the handwriting.