baragaon 42




Date: Water Rat year, 4th month, 6th day (1912)

Lines: 8

Script: ’khyug


1. chu byi zla pa 4 pa’i tshe 6 nyin blo smad dpon rbang lhan rgyad bka’ bcar du ngos smon

thang ha ri ba tshi ring (rdo rje) pha bu nas

2. rgen rgya ldor su phul snying don tshan ngas pha bu (rnams nas) | lag nyes sku rkus kham

jus byar pa gang po Zzhibs cod ka

3. ’khrim snga Zzhabs nas ’dzad ba la ngos rnam ha rgos song zhu ba | da chis cad glo smad

mi nor phyugs gsum la |

4. lags nyen sku g.yo khram rtod smad sa nad ga nes yang me byed pa | yang sngan mes

byes pa lang shor byes pa

5. shar tshe | gla dpon ka ’khrim brgyu dang lus thogs bdu ka ’khrim gang ’bab men mi zhu

zhus pa la rang

6. sems nges bar gos nas sas phul pa’i the’u rtags | tshi ring (rdo rje) rtags | chos phel rtags

| ’zang po rtags |

7. nyi ma tshi ri rtags | phyis su khyo ga dang bu tsa dpun da khor cad gang po la lags nyes

rme’i slabs zhu ba

8. dpal zang [lha mo] rtags |

1. tshes; dpon ’bangs lhan rgyas; tshe ring 2. gan rgya mdor du; lag nyas rku brkus kha mchu sbyar

ba gang po zhib dpyod bka’ 3. khrims mnga’ zhabs nas mdzad pa la ngö (SMT < nges) rnams ha

go song zhus pa | da phyin cad 4. lag nyan rku yo khram stod smad sa gnas ga nas yang mi byed

pa; sngon ma byas pa lang shor byed pa 5. bla dpon bka’ khrims rgyu dang lus thog tu bka’

khrims; man mi zhu 6. nges par go nas sahi; tshe ring; chos ’phel; bzang po 7. nyi ma tshe ring;

bu tsha; spun zla ’khor bcas; lag nyas mi lab? 8. dpal bzang


Document dated 1912. A father and his three sons, from Lo Monthang, admit to having stolen

property from Baragaon and promise never to do so again.


1. The 6th day of the 4th month in a Water Rat year (1912). At the behest of all the lords and

subjects of Southern Lo, we, Tshe ring rdo rje, the father and [three] sons of Hari in Mönthang

2. present this brief document. The subject [is as follows]:

We, father and sons, have heard all about the dispute associated with our theft of property as

well as the enquiry and the legal action


3–4. that has been taken in mNga’ zhabs [Baragaon]. Henceforth we shall steal nothing or

practise any deceit in any place, high or low [in connection with] the people, property or animals

of Lower Lo. If an obstinate tendency to act as in the past should

5. recur, whatever legal action should be taken against us by the lama or lord, whether a fine

or corporal punishment (lit. against our wealth or bodies) we shall not beg for it not to happen,

6. and since this is what we have certainly understood in our hearts we set our thumb-prints.

Tshe ring rdo rje

Chos ’phel

bZang po

7–8. Nyi ma Tshe ring. dPal bzang pleads that in future she will tell neither her husband nor

sons nor any of her family to steal.