baragaon 43b




Date: Fire Tiger year, 8th month, 15th day (1926)

Lines: 9

Script: ’khyug



1. bdol dpon su btsa rtar shing phyogs nas | rang zhabs su khod pas don mal thangs ’bres

skar ma dang spen pa gnyis

2. sa bzhing skor gleng bzhis cher byungs skabs | bres skar ma ’di khar ngos sar bden ’dzun

bzhus la yong skabs ngos

3. phyir logs ma thubs stabs | khyed rang yul bre ’go yod lhan bzhugs gi kho ba gnyis legs

lam byas nas

4. lter dgos dang | ’gal srid ma cham tshe | bzhing gi thogs gang ’byung yul spyi nas dus

’grubs sad med byas ste

5. Zzhag dgos dang | phyi lo sa sbon kyang yul spyi nas ’deb snang byed dgos | su thob bden

ldar phyi lo

6. a smal thogs nas yong nges bas yid ’jags byed dgos | spen pa nas khyed rang mgo yod

lhan gi legs

7. lam la phan tshun su ma nyan phyin ’di thogs ’ba don dngul 200 khel nges bas yid ’jags

byed dgos dang |

8. bzhing kha dus sgrubs byas ba dang | phyi lo bzhing kha deb pa’i lto brgyags sla phya

gang khos bzhing kha ’di thogs

9. rang nas sprad thabs byed | me stag zla 8 tshe 15 nyin bskul tsha chu gzhung nas ’thon

1. dol dpon su[bba]?; ’khod pa’i don; bgres karma 2. sa zhing; gleng gzhi cher byung; ’bres

karma; bden rdzun zhu; 3. log ma thub; ’bres ’go 4. ster dgos; gal srid ma ’cham; zhing gi thog;

bsdus ’grub; byas te 5. ’jog dgos; sa bon; ’debs gnang; bden ltar (?) 6. amal thog nas; ’go yod 7.

’di thog ’ba’ don 200 khal? 8. zhing kha bsdus ’grub?; zhing kha ’debs pa’i lto brgyags gla cha

gan ’khod zhing kha ’di thog 9. tshes 15


Letter, dated 1926 from Subba Tsatarshing, a Thakali ’lord’ of Dolpo.Tsatarshing has been

approached by two people to mediate in a dispute over a field. The contestants are two headmen

of Monthang, Karma and sPen pa, and the dispute is escalating. The headman Karma

came to his, Tsatarshing’s, house, to sort out the truth of the matter, but the latter was unable

to return, and calls on the other senior members of the community of Monthang to settle the

case as best they can. He suggests a way of going about things. At harvest time the yield

should be collected from this field by all the villagers in common, but not consumed by anyone.

The following year, the field should be planted with seed that is pooled them all. As for

who gets the yield, when a decision has been made by the court, they should act in accordance

with this decision.

sPen pa suggests that if either of them doesn’t abide by this ruling the offender should pay

a fine of 200 rupees. After next year’s harvest the officially reinstated owner of the field

should pay the villagers for the food they ate while working on it.

15th day of the 8th month in a Fire Tiger year (1926).