baragaon 46




Date: Fire Hare year (1927

Lines: 4

Script: ’khyug ma tshug


1. me yos zla tshes thags sprug cad su bha phyogs nas | sti ling (bkra shis)

2. dpal mo la snga lo’i bhan kyi khral chad dngul bskog—34 chad pa ’di lo

3. ngos skyed (thams cad) rtsis cad nas lhag lus dngul—10 lus pa phyi lo ngos

4. skyed lus med byang chog zhus pa (bkra shis) dpal mos nas | yig am (rgyal mtshan) |

Left margin

cha dbang | (dpal ldan) (?contraction dpalding) bla ma | ma rang dbang grags |

1. subba 2. snga lo’i bansar; dngul kog 3. rtsis bcad 4. sbyang chog

Left margin: dbang drag


A pledge from a woman called bKra shis dpal mo of ’sTi ling’ (= Tiri or a place in Lo?), dated

Fire Hare year (1927). The document states that the subba of Tukche has already received 34

rupees of the tax she owes. The meaning of bskog in this context is unclear. The usual sense

of kog is “less a quarter” or “three quarters”, hence 33.75 rupees. Next year she will pay the

outstanding 10 rupees as well as the interest on it. The scribe is Am [chi] rGyal mtshan.

The document is certified by two witnesses, Tshe dbang dpal ldan and dBang drag of