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baragaon 47a
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Date: Fire Hare year, 5th month, 7th day

Lines: 9

Script: ’khyug

Remarks: three seals and signatures in left margin



1. me yos zla 5 tshes 7 nyin | phan de ’byung gnas lugs gnyis dgong ma ’khrim dag (rin po

che) zhabs (drung du) | bzhu ba dag ming stag khod sham sal rnam nas slo slang mi

brgyur ba’i

2. brgan ’dzin tsang phul bzhu snying | don sngon chad sku zhab (rdo rje) la sras mang du

byung te | sras che (gag ga) sta lhas la thob rkal sa bzhing brgyu nor bun bcas snang

skabs |

3. (ga ga) sta las slos slang ma byung bar tsi len ma byas bzhing | slar nang la log med pa’i

ka’ bul brgan rgya sogs ’dug na’ang | da cha phran stag lha nas a bas thobs kal

4. dgos bzhes pa’i a ju (bla ma) zil mnon la zer skabs | thob skal sprad ma nyan par | gzhal

mda’ lhan drung du den ’dzun dbye spyed gi snyan zhus ’phul skabs | da cha sku zhabs

5. bla ma byam pa rab rgyas | sku zhabs ’khros brgyal | bar mi sku byam bcas nang bar ’dum

snang ba’i don tshan | a ju (bla ma) zil mnon | (ga ga) gung rgyal sku mched gnyi nas bun

6. rma bkal bar stob skal | sa zhing khyim sa phran bu rnang nas phran bu stag lha ha dgos

zhing | da phan kal ba dang (nyi zla nam) nas bar phran pha bu brgyud cas nas yang yang

7. dgos zhes bzhu brgyu grang gra med pa | ’di las ’gal tshe dgong ’khrim zhab su ’ba don

dngul brgya phul nas slar yang don tshan ’di rang sor nas zhags bzhus ba stags lha rtags


8. (yi ge) ra ni spo ba nang bri ba phya spang zur sal | sham sal brgyu ngos sa bzhing kha

brang | (rigs gsum) mgon po mched brten rgyab ki bzhing che chung dom par dgu / ’rdzing

’bo tsig

9. bzhing sdom par 12 tsig rag nang gi bzhing che chung gnyis | phyug po’i bram ’di bzhing

cig | spo ba mdun kyi khang sa bcas rnang sa thags (seal: lakshmi prasad 68) /

Left margin

phya spang /

sku zhabs ’khro brgyal |

sku zhabs byam dbyang /

pad ma byed sar /

spu rang brgan skarma |

bri mi sku byam pa rab rgyas |

1. byung gnas; gong ma khrims bdag; zhu ba bdag ming rtags bkod sham gsal rnams nas blos

blangs mi ’gyur 2. gan ’dzin gtsang ’bul zhu; sku zhabs; byung ste; ga ga stag lha la thob skal sa


zhing rgyu nor; gnang skabs 3. stag lhas blos blangs; rtsis len ma byas zhing; slar nang; bka’ ’bul

gan rgya; a ba’i thob skal 4. aju (SMT < a jo); zil non; zhal ta; bden rdzun dbye dpyad 5. byams

pa rab; ’khro rgyal; sku ’jam; bar ’dum gnang; aju (SMT < a jo); zil non; gnyis nas 6. ma bkal;

thob skal; gnang nas phran bu; ha go; skal pa dang; bcas nas 7. zhu rgyu sbrang sgra; gong khrims

zhabs su ’ba’ ldon; ’phul nas; sor gnas bzhag; zhus pa stag lha 8. pauwa nang bris pa cha dpang

zur gsal; sham gsal rgyu ngö (SMT < nged) sha zhing kha bgrangs; mchod rten rgyab kyi zhing

bsdoms pa; rdzing bu rtsig 9. zhing bsdoms; rtsig ra chug po’i gram; zhing gcig; pauwa mdun gyi;

gnang sa


1–2. The 7th day of the 6th month in a Fire Hare year. To the source of benefits and peace, the

pinnacle of the two traditions, precious master of the law. We, whose names are listed below,

present this document in confirmation of our decision. The subject is as follows. In the past,

sKu zhabs rDo rje had many sons. When he gave his eldest (sic, but he has an elder brother:

see below) son, Ga ga sTag lha, a share of the inheritance—land, property and debts—

3. Ga ga sTag lha did not accept it and would not take the responsibility. But although there

are documents (ka’ bul brgan rgya) and suchlike stating that he would not return, the Noble

sTag lha now says that he wants the share [given to him] by his father.

4. But when he told this to his older brother Lama Zil non, the latter did not agree to give him

his share. When the matter was presented to the nobility to determine what was true and what

false, sKu zhabs

5. Lama ’Jam pa rab rgyas, sKu zhabs Khro rgyal and the intermediary sKu [zhabs?] ’Jam

[dbyangs?] passed their judgment.

I [Ga ga sTag lha] understand that my elder brother(s?) Lama Zil non and Ga ga Gung rgyal

6. will give me, as my share, a small area of fields and land [on which to build] a house without

burdening me with any debts. Henceforth, until the end of the age and of the sun and

moon, neither I, nor my sons, nor my descendants,

7. shall say even so softly as the buzzing of a fly that we want more. If I fail to keep to this

undertaking, I shall pay a forfeit of 100 rupees to the judges named above, and shall abide by

this same ruling. sTag lha (signs).

8. This document was written at Rani Pauwa. The witnesses are listed in the margin.

Left margin


sKu zhabs Khro rgyal

sKu zhabs ’Jam dbyangs

Padma ge sar

Karma, the headman of Purang

The scribe: sKu zhabs ’Jam pa rab rgyas


Main text contd.

The total of fields that are mine is as follows: the large and small fields, altogether nine in

number, that are behind the Rigs gsum mgon po;

9. twelve fields by the reservoir wall; two fields, one large and one small, that are inside a/the

walled enclosure; one field on the edge of the water source; and an area of land in front of the

Pauwa [on which to build] a house. (Seal)