baragaon 48




Date: Wood Pig year, 4th month, 5th day, Tuesday (1935)


1. sheng g.yos lha spon stam zud (yi ge) |

2. shing phag bzla ba 4 ba’i tshe 5 res za 3 nyin | sgen ’dzin bcigs thus su ’phul snyings

3. la | ’don tsha steng g.yos lha dpon (o rgyan) nor bu mkhos sgen ’phyed bar sten nas | sa’u

4. ’tshugs skar ma tshe ring nas | a sa med steng gyos lha dpon (o rgyan) nor bu la dngul 28


5. lo shar skyed la dngul 20 la brgya yis bcu rtsis ’byed nas (bul lam) dang | dngul 8 la nas

bzo ba re re (’bul lam)

6. dngul byang sgyu bzla ’dus sangs lo med pho byi lo bzla ba 4 ba’i snang ’du byang phyog

bzhus pa steng g.yos lha spon (o rgyan) nor bu slo sems rang thed skyis rtags | yig ’bris

dska’ bzhi ska tshes | sa hi |

1. shing (?) yos lha bon tamsuk 2. zla ba; tshes 5 res gza’; gan ’dzin zhig thus?; snying 3. don tsha;

lha bon; mkho mkhan che bar brten; sau; karma tshe ring; asami; lha bon; asami; 28 song 5. brgya

yi bcu rtsis byed; nas zo ba; sbyong rgyu’i zla dus sang lo me pho byi lo zla; nang du; sbyangs

chog zhus; lha bon o rgyan; blo; rang ’thad kyis; yig ’bri ka shi ka tshe; sahi


1. The following is the debt-record of the lha bon (sacrificial priest) of Taye from the Wood

Hare [year] (? see Commentary).

2. Daytime, Tuesday, the 5th day of the 4th month in a Wood Pig year. The subject of this document

3. is as follows. Because O rgyan nor bu, the lha bon of Taye, had great need , the lender

4. Karma Tshe ring of Tshug made a loan of 28 rupees to the borrower O rgyan nor bu, the

lha bon of Tshug—[the total of an original loan of]

5. 20 rupees with an annual interest rate of 10 per cent. Requesting that he might pay back the

8 rupees with 1 zo ba of barley per [rupee]

6. in the same month next year, the 4th month of the Male Fire Rat year, O rgyan Nor bu, the

lha bon of Taye,

7. willingly sets his signature. The writer of this document is Kashi Katshe.


1. The significance of the title is not clear. If the syllables sheng g.yos do indeed denote shing

yos, the nearest Wood Hare year to the present document would have been 1915—twenty years



earlier. The most likely explanation is that the date of the title is a straightforward error for

Wood Pig.

6. dska’ bzhi ska tshes: probably an abbreviation of Kashi Karma Tshe ring. This individual,

from Tshug, built a large house with four pillars in the main room. The house is now known

as Kashika grong pa, and Kashi Katshe’s elderly granddaughter is still living in it. He is the

butt of a joke that he built such a house to fulfil his name, thinking that Kashi meant ’four pillars’

(ka bzhi), whereas it actually designates a type of fine cloth from Benares (ka shi ka).