baragaon 49




Date: None given

Lines: recto 7, verso 3

Script: ’khyug



1. mkhyen ldan grogs po gser lha ’pha snar shing gi sku drung du

2. stabs zhu / kha sngon rang re rta rnam za dpal bzang la

3. de ’byor zin rgyu yin pa gus pa’i rta dang {sku} ’dzo ’byor min stabs nyin gcig gnyis de

kho’i man ’da’

4. tshong mi ngang than dang / ma zad man ’da’ dang sde ’u gang yod grogs po nas rtsis

zhes gyi rda sogs

5. gong zhus ltar ’ ’gyur med khral stong zhus mchog pa dang / bal rnam gnas skabs ’di nas

’rda’ rla

6. ’byor bkab ba rim stong zhus mchog pa shog bu tsho blo’i ’rda’ la phral stong yod pa gus

7. ba’i g.yag pa ’di gug yod pa de rtsis skyabs ’jug yod pa mkhyen / gus pa ming pas tshes

12 bzang por [phul] /


1. thag pa grogs po gser lha ’phab snar shing

2. la ngos gsal yod pa zhu rgyu / pa ming

3. tshes bzang po /


1. sailo ’pha? narsiºg

2. rta rnams gza’ pa sangs

3. mdzo ’byor med; kho’i me mda’

4. ngang ’then; me mda’ dang rde’u; rtsis bzhes gyis rta

5. phral gtong; chog pa; bal rnams; rta gla

6. rim gtong; chog pa; rta la phral gtong; sgug yod


1. To my learned friend Saila Pha Narsing.

2. On Friday your horses

3. arrived here. Because my horses and dzos have not arrived, please delay the one who is selling

the… (?de kho’i) gun for one or two days.

4. In any event, my friend, please take care of the gun and however many bullets there are. The

horses and so on

5–6. mentioned above will certainly be delivered immediately. I shall obtain hired horses and,

after loading them with wool, shall send them [to you] in succession. Please send the paper at

once by return of the horses from Lo. My

7. yak drivers are waiting [to take the shipment up to Tibet]. From me, (Pa ming pa), on the



7. pa ming pa: the sender’s name appears on the verso as Pa ming. The context suggests that

the individual is a Tibetan, in which case he may be following the common convention (not

customary in Mustang) of contracting his name to the first syllables of each element in a binomial.

’Pa ming’ may therefore be a contraction of some such name as Pa sangs mi ’gyur