baragaon 50




Date: No year given; 12th month, 9th day

Lines: 6

Script: ’khyug


1. lnga bzhabs bha ra ga’u gis rgo dpon mis rjes spyi skyabs (chen po) su pa sang dkar sman

phyogs gi sku drung du bzhus sol |

2. ngos sres mo bdes chen la spu rang yul nas bris par spyed bde | dbang du spun gnyis sda

sta bar khyim nang la slib

3. ma byung | thag ring du ngos nas tsal du gro sma thub bzer shing | nga rang gi khyim

nas las don gang la yang

4. bu dbang du nis song ba med | bu chung ba dpen par nis | rna ma dkar stog gi bo lis par

byis tha spong tsha

5. bzer nas gro song bzer dug | byis bsu khong spun gnyis khyim du slib spa byung na | bsu

bha la tsis phul phyog spa dang

6. bzhis spu rang yul dang sres mo sdi chen nas zla 12 tshe 9 nyin phul |

1. mnga’ zhabs baragau gi ’go dpon mi rje spyi khyab; subba sankarman mchog kyi zhu gsol 2.

sras mo bde chen; byas te; dbang ’dus; da lta bar; slebs 3. dngos gnas ’tshal du ’gro ma thub zer

zhing 4. dbang ’dus ni; spen pa? ni; mna’ ma dkar tog? gis bholi parsi thaha pauncha 5. zer nas

’gro song zer ’dug; rjes su; slebs pa; subba la rtsis ’phul chog pa 6. gzhis; sras mo bde chen; tshes

9 nyin ’phul


A letter from a Noblewoman of Purang called bDe chen addressed to Sankarman Serchan,

concerning two missing persons. The text gives very little context concerning the case.


1. To the presence of the lordly ruler, the great warden of mNga’ zhabs Baragaon, the Subba


2. [In reply] to the query made to me, the Noblewoman bDe chen, by the community of

Purang, dBang ’dus and his brother have still not come home.

3–4. “We [people of Purang] have really not been able to go far to look for them”, they have

said to me. The boy dBang ’dus has not gone anywhere on business connected with my household,

while as for the younger boy sPen pa, my daughter-in-law dKar tog said [in Nepali],

“You/we will find out in a couple of days”,

5. and left. If the two brothers do come home later we shall send them to the subba.

From the community of Purang and the Noblewoman bDe chen. The 9th day of the 12th



1. sras mo (< sras mo), ’Noblewoman’: while Purang is now peopled exclusively by

Commoners, until recent times there used to be a Noble lineage called the Kyukar brgyud pa.

There is a place in Purang called Kyukar where the family house stood It is likely that the family’s

name derives from the toponym, rather than vice versa, since Kyukar could be a Se skad

word (like other Purang toponyms) meaning ’white water’. The lineage ended when the last

generation—of whom the sender of this letter is probably a member—produced only daughters.

3–4. mna’ ma, daughter-in-law: the term is also used to mean ’bride’ or ’young wife’, but the

use of it here does suggest not only that the missing men are Kartog’s husbands but that they

are also Dechen’s sons.

5. rtsis phul: lit. ’give an account’. In local usage this would mean sending them in person