baragaon 52




Date: No year given; 10th month, 12th day
Lines: 8
Script: ’khyug


1. rnos kun thugs rje stag kyong su bha sang dkar sman (mchog gi) zhabs drung du |
2. zhu pa | phu ri nas ta god ma sngon mo ting dkar
3. cig dang god ma dkar mo na yar sang gcig rkun shor song pa | da lo ta sngon mo de bzhin
phen lags su yod kad dang |
4. ta dkar mo de bzhin chu rmig su ’dug pa rten ’di nas bang mi khyed stong song pa bang
mi ’di mdun gor bod
5. phying yig bzhi dgong gsal ta gnyis de bzhin su bha lags phyag rgyud kral thab kyis lag
’byor yod pa (mkhyen mkhyen) |
6. byes su ’di bdon la he bag med par gus tsha sho rang nas mgen len zhu rgyu dang rkun
ma la yang ji bra
7. snang dgos kyi phying yig bzhir mtshung bka’ khyab yod pa zhu rgyu cas glo bo smon
thang nas gus tsha
8. sho tshe gsam spas zla 10 tshes 12 la phul |

1. mnos? kun; thugs rje rtag skyong subba sankarman 2.rta rgod ma; rting dkar 3. gcig dang rgod
ma; na so yarsong; rta sngon; yod skad 4. rta dkar; chu mig tu; ’bangs mi; ’phrin/springs? yig
gong gsal rta; subba lags 6. rjes su ’di don; tsha sho?; ’gan len; ji ’dra 7. gnang dgos kyi
’phrin/springs? yig; bzhir mtshungs; rgyu bcas; pa’i zla


1. To the excellent Subba Sankarman, who ever protects all our wishes (?mnos) with his kindness.
2–3. A grey mare with white heels and a middle-aged white mare were stolen from the highland
pastures. It is rumoured this year that there is such a grey horse in Phelag and
4. a whie mare matching this description in Muktinath. I am sending you one of my subjects
5. four letters, in Nepali and Tibetan, with the request that you, Subba, should confiscate the
two abovementioned horses and take charge of them.
6–7. Later on I myself, Tsha sho, shall indeed take responsibility [for expenses incurred]. As
for the thieves, I would like you to punish them in accordance with what is contained in the
four letters regarding what should be done. [This letter] is sent from Monthang by Tsha
8. sho … (?tshe gsam spas) on the twelfth day of the tenth month.


1. If rnos is read as rno, the opening syllables would instead be a complimentary reference to
the addressee’s acuity.
3. na yar sang: the expression na[so] yarsang or na[so] yarsong in SMT signifies ’of medium
age’. It is used mainly of animals, less commonly of people.
6. tsha sho: this term seems to be either a proper name or the title of a nobleman, if not the
king of Lo himself.
8. tshe gsam spas: the meaning of these syllables is not clear. They may represent the given
name of the letter’s author.