KC-01 copy









Date: Wood Dragon year (1904)

Lines: 5

Script: ’khyug


Confirmation that Gönpa Gang should pay an annual cumāni tax of 10 rupees.


  1. § shing ’brug zla pa 5 pa’i tshes gsuṃs la / phyisu (phyis su) rtsu ma ṇi byang dgos kyi ra shi bkrad don la / don skres ’di lo – – – 1 brgyal khab
  2. chen po’i rtsu sma ṇi bdu mi sleb sten dkor / sngon ’khyun star / chos sde dgo gsuṃ la dngul brgya phogs pa la / dngul lnga bcu / rdzar chos sde
  3. rdzong chos sde / dgar dgon / tshul dgon dang / skag chos sde dngul lnga bcu byang dgos la / sting ris dgon / stang yed dgon / dgon
  4. pa dgang gsuṃs the dgos nas / dgon ba gang la phogs tho sngon khyun star dngul bcu’ ’byung pa’i pha rag dang / slar phyisu (phyis su) yang sde star
  5. dgong bsal star dngul bcu byang dgos pa’i dbra shid slo smad / dpon ’bang lhyad (lhan rgyad) nas snang pa dge (seal) /



  1. tshes gsum; cumāni sbyong; rāji sprod don; dontre (SMT < don snying) ’di; rgyal khab 2. cumāni sdud mi; rten skor; khyun (SMT< rgyun) ltar; sgo gsum; phog pa 3. sbyong dgos 4. ’thad dgos; phog tho; sngon khyun (SMT < rgyun) ltar; bcu byung ba’i pharid [patra]; yang de ltar 5. gong gsal ltar; pa’i rāji; ’bangs lhan rgyas nas gnang.



Wood Dragon year, 5th month, 3rd day. A document concerning the obligation to pay the cumāni tax. Concerning the arrival of the person who collects the cumāni of the great nation for a period of one year. As in the past, the three monasteries are [together] liable to pay 100 rupees. 50 rupees should be paid collectively by Dzar chos sde, Dzong chos sde, Gar Gön and Tshultrim Gönpa; and Kag chos sde shall pay 50 rupees together with Tiri convent, Taye convent and Gönpa Gang. In accordance with past obligations, and as it is clearly set out in the government document (pharid patra) as well as above, Gönpa Gang shall pay 10 rupees, and the present document  [to this effect] has been issued jointly by the lord and subjects of Lower Lo.



Line 2, dgo gsum (< sgo gsum?): sgo in this case seems to denote a tax unit.

Line 3, dgar dgon: the convent of Gar Gön serves the communities of Dzong, Putrak, Purang and Chongkhor. It is located near the latter community.

Line 3, tshul dgon: Tshultrim Gönpa, a convent in Dzar that is the principal—literally “mother”—nunnery (ma dgon) of the nuns who serve the temple in Muktinath.