Date: Earth Horse year, 4th month, 5th day (1858)
Lines: 3
Script: ’khyug

A letter from the King of Lo to the people of Tangkye, in northern Lo. The people of Tangkye are demanding grazing fees for a number of yaks that are owned by Tshognam but pastured on Tangkye’s territory as part of the herd of a certain nomad. The pasturage of the lamas’ animals has traditionally been free of charge. The king advises the people of Tangkye not to levy any fees on this occasion, and assures them that he will carry out a thorough investigation when he returns to Lo from his visit to Tshug, from where the letter was written.


1. tshug bzhug gar nas | rang ’og su ’khod pa’i rtang rkya yul ba nas nges dgos nye laṃ khyed rang gis gnas su dod pa’i shar ’grog tshe ring gi drong su mtshogs bsnaṃs bla ma ’og mi

2. bri zhi lnga rtsaṃ yod pa la mngar nas da bar tsa rin zer pa’i sprad srol med pa la | ’di lo tsa rin dgos rgyu sbyod ’byung pa’i tsa rin sprad mi gos pa bla ma nas sbyod ’dug pa’i gnas bkabs su tsa

3. rin gos rgyu ma zer pa ngang mthen bya gos dang | bye su rtsa rin glang gos min gi dbye zhib bya nges yin blo jags gyi blo srid ’dzin ngos mas sa rta zla 4 tshes 5 la thon (seal)

1. bzhugs sgar; ’og tu; sdod pa’i shar ’brog; grong du; ’og ma’i 2. ’bri bzhi lnga tsam; snga nas; rtsa rin; brjod byung; mi dgos pa; brjod ’dug; gnas skabs su rtsa 3. ngang ’then bya dgos; rjes su; blang dgos; blo jags gyis

From the [royal] encampment in Tshug. The people of Tangkye, in our dominion, should take note. The household of the eastern nomad named Tsering, who lives on your territory, has four or five yak cows that belong to the lama of Lower Tshognam. No grazing fees have been paid for these until now. This year, the lama has been told that grazing fees are required, and to this he has replied that he does not need to pay. The matter should be postponed for a while without anyone saying that he should pay fees. Rest assured that we shall, in due course, make a thorough investigation of whether or not he should pay grazing fees. Issued by the ruler of Lo himself, on the 5th day of the 4th month in an Earth Horse year.