Date: none given; no earlier than 1897
Lines: 2
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: see also Doc. 14; seal of abbot of Ngor Khangsar

Receipt from Ngor Khangsar monastery, in Tibet, for a donation for the transfer of merit on behalf of the recently-deceased Lama Tshewang Bumpa.


1. jig rten ’di nas pha rol du song shing tshe ’das tshe dbang ’bum pa de nyid kyi ched du bsngo brten dngul srang gang ’byor pa de nyid nas bsag pa’i sdig sgrib

2. nyes tshog ci mchis byang zhing dags nas bde ’gro myur thob skyi bsngo smon gang zab byed | ngor khang gsar mkhan khri chen pas mdudaṃ (mdud dam) bcas (seal)


The offering of one silver srang as the support for the dedication of merit for the late Tshewang Bumpa, who has passed beyond this world, has been received. The abbot of Ngor Khangsar promises that the merit from this will be assiduously dedicated to purging whatever defilements there may have been from the sins he had accrued, or moral offences he had accumulated, and to ensuring his speedy attainment of rebirth in the higher realms.