Date: Fire Bull year, 4th month, 10th day, Wednesday (1937)
Lines: 21, with single line on verso

A list of the presentations of money and white scarves (mgul dar) made at the retirement ceremony of the Tshognam lama Ngawang Jampal.



1. sdom dngul — 53/50


1. skyab snas skun bsdus padma ’byung snas dangs | dngos drub kun tsal dbang drag ’bar ba dangs bar chad

2. kun sel ḍhak ki rnaṃs gsuṃs gyis phyogs thun gnyis kyi dngos drub tsal du gsol ’zhes me glang sa ga

3. zla bas dus bzang yar ngos tshe 10 re za 4 nyin rang re rnaṃs kyi ’di phyi skyab snas tshog rnaṃ blaṃ (bla ma) ngag dbangs

4. ’jaṃs dpal zhes ’bod bas sku tshe thar phyin pas lug srol ltar gur chang snang dus su

5. dad sbyin rnaṃs nas ’gul dar phul mi ’byung tho thogs mar —

6. § slar yang gul dar phul mi tshe ring brags pa dngul—1 zla ba kra shis ṭaṃ —1 jomo phur ba

7. ster rdzong {1S} kyi skyabs ṭaṃ dar —1 byung bro ma ṭaṃ —1 ten ’dzing sam brugs ṭaṃ —1 so nam dpal mo ṭaṃ —1

8. stong rgyur ṭaṃ —1 {1S} — {1S} kun ga don grugs dngul —1 {1S gyam tsho ṭaṃ 1} nga dbang rdo rje ṭaṃ —1

9. ster bsod rnaṃ ṭaṃ —1

10. zla ba chos dzom ṭaṃ dar —1 kun ga kra shis dngul —1 tshe ring phun tshogs ṭaṃ —1 ted kar

11. kyid dzom ṭaṃa dar —1 tha brung ṭaṃ dar —1 spen pa tshe ring ṭaṃ —1 migs mar rdo rje dngul —1

12. dge lung gra ba sgrol skyabs dpal zang bu grigs ṭaṃ —1 sris tar gyal tshan ṭaṃ —1 spen pa

13. a drung ṭaṃ —1 gyal tshan dngul —1 zla ba dun grugs ṭaṃ —1 dbyang dzing ṭaṃ —1

14. le nur nyis ma tshe ring ṭaṃa —1 gos rtsang ṭaṃ —1 nyis shar ṭaṃ —1 brag gar ’du lis ṭaṃ —1 nga dbang bris dra ṭaṃ —1

15. gya kha’ chos kyab dngul —1 so rnaṃ dpal byor dngul —1 dbang gyal chung ba dngul —1 gya kha dngos grugs ṭaṃ —1

16. spen pa dbang mo ṭaṃ —1 tang yed nas zla ba sam grugs dngul —1 kar togs dngul —1 sde chen dngul —1

17. dngos grugs rdo rje dngul —1 sam grugs tshe dbang ṭaṃ —3 so nam dpal mo ṭaṃ —1ches dar nur bu ṭaṃ —1

18. lhan byam dngul —1 ten dzing ṭaṃ —2 nor dzom ṭaṃ —1 dbyang lugs ṭaṃ —1 nga dbang ṭaṃ —1 phur ba dun grugs

19. ṭaṃ —1 kar ma suṃ chogs ṭaṃ —1 nur bu dbang dud ṭaṃ —1 gyal tod ṭaṃ —1 mu tigs zang mo ṭaṃ —1

20. dpal bu brigs ṭaṃ —1 dpal zang dbang dud dngul —1 {1S} tshogs rnaṃ kar kyid ṭaṃ —1 so ma

21. kung ga ṭaṃ —1 phun tshogs tshe ring ṭaṃ —1 dmags pon ṭaṃ —1 rtsang lis gsuṃ dar dngul —1

22. kags kar ma nas nas ṭaṃ —2 les nur bu ṭaṃ —1

Emendations (lines 1–5)
1. skyabs gnas kun bsdus; ’byung gnas dang; dngos grub kun sel; dang bar 2. rnam gsum; dngos grub ’tshal; zhes me glang 3. phyi skyabs gnas 4. lugs srol; mgur chang gnang 5. mgul dar; tho thog

Retirement ceremonies are an important life-cycle ritual throughout Mustang. These occasions, known as tharchang (Tib. thar chang), literally “exemption beer”, are an important event in individual life-cycles throughout Baragaon and Lo, since they mark the point at which a man or a woman retires from public life (here described as sku tshe thar phyin, line 4) and ceases to be eligible for most civic duties. There is usually a considerable degree of flexibility in the timing of this ceremony, but in Te it must be held when a person is fifty-five years old. The term gurchang (probably mgur chang) is the honorific form of thar chang. Curiously, Ngawang Jampal appears in no other documents either from Tshognam or from Te, although he is clearly identified in line 3 as a lama of Tshognam.