Date: Earth Pig year (1839? 1899?)
Lines: 9
Script: ’khyug ma tshugs

Short transliteration

1. sa pho phag lo la ter yul spa dka’ gros cham nas | chad ton dzad spa la gan spa bkra shis tshis ri | phur spa chos kyab | dka’ mi bkra shis

9. dgan spa la chang kor yin | de la zhu za med de la zhu za med | bde’a yi gi bris kan | (o rgyan) chos krug yin | bkra shis

Regulations concerning the collection of goat- and cattle-dung. Dung may be collected only from certain areas at certain times of year, and wood and thorn litter may not be collected at all from these places. The constables must check, at a particular threshing yard, the contents of sacks carried down by people in order to ensure that no one has violated the rule.