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Date: none (top of document damaged) Lines: 66
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

1. bo mo 1 mdom par—5 | tsha tshong steng ken (bhi sa) 1—bo mo 1 | bhi tsha 1—zhing las byed ken mdom par—5 ra’u 44 /—

66. bhi tsha—2—15 men—bhi tsha—2—50 yen bhi tsha—1—bo mo—1 mdom par—7— ra’u 54—

Census, providing information concerning number and status of inhabitants and livestock in Te by household. The following extract provides an example of the form:

Gar ka dzogs (‘household head’? < Nep?) Ga ra [mGar ba] don grub: males (bhi tsha [bu tsha])— 1; females—2; bondservants (? bhang sdo)—1; total number of relatives (mdom par med ma [bsdoms pa mes mes]—servants apparently included as ‘relatives’)—5; individuals below the age of fifty years and above sixteen years—two males (bhi tsha, i.e. mGar ba don grub and his son); females: 2; individuals below the age of fifteen—1 female; total—5; salt traders—1 male; farm- ers—1 female, 2 males; 1 female below the age of 15; total—5. Buck goats—80; doe goats— [2SS]; dzo bulls—4.

Some household also have donkeys in their census.