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Date: Fire Bull year, 10th month, 8th day (1937?) Lines: 46
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

1. me glang lo yis zla 10 pa’i tshes 8 la | bsted lung pa’i phral mo ches yis rtsis tho skod pa [la]

46. snyis nas mi phral tam 1 ’byung | dpal tsang phur pa’i mi phral tam phyed 2 ’byung | rda
ba tshes ring dngul phyed dang 3 zhi cha byung |

A register of Te’s taxes (phral mo ches [khral mo che]). Each name is followed by three categories: house tax (grong khral), poll tax (mi khral) and land tax (sa khral). The figures are in paise, and payments are of the order of 25 paise per entry. (Note: kog—variously spelt—signifies three quarters. Thus kog dang lnga = 4.75.)