Date: Iron Tiger year, 11th month, 29th day (1950) Lines: 5
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

1. lcags stags zla ba 11 pa’i tshes 9 re 2 la khral gyi ’byung dzin sted yul nas —

5. bha khral dngul — 8 (Nepali numeral) — ’byung

Apparently an itemised receipt for taxes paid by the community of Te. The list of four items reads: ma khral—110 rupees (in which the first two numerals appear to be written in Nepali and Tibetan respectively); sdos sla—21 rupees; rtsa shing—12 rupees; bha khral—8 rupees.

The nature of these taxes remains conjectural. Ma khral may signify the tax that was ultimately paid to the government in Kathmandu (ma: ‘down’). sDos sla may be a rendering of mDos gla, ‘fees for the mDos’. The mDos was an annual ceremony in which all the villages of Baragaon used to participate and to which they were required to make certain material contributions. rTsa shing, meaning ‘hay and wood’, probably represents the collective contribution of the households for the purchase of these items, which the community would have been required to provide to visiting dignitaries as part of its corvée obligations. Bha khral: possibly a tax on cattle (ba) or a supplementary fee (’ba’) for late payment of taxes.