Date: Iron Pig year (1911) Lines: 12
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: written in various hands; document damage and writing indistinct; 3 lines of Devanagari text in lower right-hand corner.

Short transliteration

2. lcags ’phags lo la sa nyo la ’byor ’phyags [snga] sang ’brol [±8S]

5. lhags spa chos ’brol a ma ’don ’du ’byor ’phyags dngul — 1 — ’byung

(With the exception of one entry on line 7, most of the remaining lines are illegible because of the paleness of the ink)

List of offerings contributed by various people for the performance of an unspecified yearly ceremony. The term ’byor ’phyags (< ’byor chags?), which may be translated as ‘endowment’, denotes a contribution to a fund that is generally divided up and invested in trading ventures. The capital is usually not repaid, and the annual payments of interest—ten per cent is the standard sum—by the borrowers are used to subsidise the ceremony.