Date: Wood Dog year, 6th month, 1st day (1934)
Lines: Main text 16 | Left column 12, Right column 6
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: drawing at foot of page; Nepali writing—apparently signatures of witnesses—between columns. Fingerprint and seal between columns.

Short transliteration

  1. me bkhyis
  2. shing bkhyis zla ba 6 pa’i tshes 1 nyin gyi yi ge bris don la | don tsa ster sod rnams
    Left column, 15. ster skyis skyab rtsis ring stags
    Left column, 16. ’dzor po (? indecipherable contraction) [bskyang na] — 1

Settlement of dispute over ownership between individuals and the village of Te concerning overlapping property, access ways etc. Dispute mediated by the Subba Hitman Serchan. Details of the dispute difficult to unravel from the document.