Date: illegible because of damage to first line; second line bears the date “6th month, 4th day”
Lines: 16
Script: ’khyug

Short transliteration

2. ma ska rin ni ’byung sde | zla ba 6 pas tshe 4 nyin bsted lung pa’i rgan mi drag gi

16. sted byo mo bu ’brig blo sems rang thad kyid lag stag

An elliptical document, referring to a dispute of which the context is unclear. Person A told person B that if B did not go somewhere, B must give A a mouthful of chewing tobacco (sur sti < Nep. surti). B made only a token gesture of going, and gave A the chewing tobacco, and there were witnesses to this, but now two of the witnesses deny having seen the chewing- tobacco changing hands.