Date: (no element) Bird year, 2nd month, 18th day (1849?)
Lines: 5
Script: ’khyug


  1. khri thob rdo rje thogs rgyal sku Zzhabs nas |
  2. sted yul pa la phyags tham gnang bdon la | sngon lor rted yul ba nas
  3. shes men kyi bya ba byas nas | dbon bo bdon grub dang dar rgyas gnyis kyis | sku zung thugs gi rtan dang chos
  4. tshang ma srag pa’i skor du | dngul 45 zhes nas thag rtsang chod pa yin pas | sdes la thos sman grags zhan su thad
  5. nas skad dang rtser pa byis sme phyogs pa’i tham kha bya lo zla ba 2 tshes 18 la rted du gnang ba dges | (seal)

1. thog rgyal 2. phyag tham gnang don; shes med; don grub; sku gsung; rten dang 4. bsregs; bzhes nas; thag gtsang; de la mtho dman drag 5. (‘tsher ba)? byed mi chog; gnang ba dge

From the Khri thob rDo rje thog rgyal. Concerning the fact that the people of Te, acting out of ignorance, burned all the sacred objects (lit. supports of body, speech and mind) as well as the religious books of Don grub and Dar rgyas of the dBon po clan: [the compensation of] 45 rupees has been received and the matter is completely settled. This sealed document to the effect that no one, whether high or low, mighty or humble, may say anything or raise any complaint about this matter, has been issued on the 18th day of the second month in a Bird year.

Unfortunately no reason is given in this document as to why the Tepas should have destroyed the ritual accoutrements of their own priestly family. The only comparable case of which I am aware occurred in Dzar some two generations ago, when a household of Bonpo priests is reported to have been sacked by the community following accusations of harmful sorcery. For another case of sorcery in Te see document HMA/UTshognam/Tib/20 (Tibetan Sources, vol. 2), which contains a vigorous defence by one of the lamas of Tshognam against charges of practising black magic.