Date: Fire Pig year, 1st month, 13th day
Lines: 27
Script: ’khyug


  1. me mo phags lo’i zla ba dang pa’i tshes 13 la | bsted gan mi bdus bsnams [kyi]
  2. bzhabs su bzhus ba | sdag mi bstags [kh]ung bshams bsal nas | ngos ga ra chos bskyab[s nas mug]
  3. ga mdza’ man ’phul pa’i gnying po la | mdon ngos ’grogs bdus | ngos ga ra chos bkyabs
  4. bar mi ’dzong pa ngos ma yin | snga mchog nas zer ba ’grigs na sgya mi dang bod mi
  5. {2S} ’bri[g | ’bral]
  6. bsnying sdod nas bchu bsdags yar bskab dang mar bskab yin zer nas | bar mi la zer ’dug
  7. bsde yis gyu la brten nas | mtshong la spyis tshong la ’gro’ bdus mo yi tsar slebs
  8. pa ngos ma yin | bar mi bzhags nas | shis ’bral ma bstogs son mbral med zer nas
  9. lags pa len pa ngos ma yin | bar mi bzhag nas mchod tshigs bzhags pa med mchod
  10. pa’i tshig la gnyes nas | mo bsngan la (thugs rje) (chen po) ru slebs ’dug | bsham la nga ga ra slebs song
  11. ’phres ldan kyang bzhag pa med | des nas gsum mchogs dang | a ma yong nas go yis bsang
  12. nas ngos ga ra la zin byung | bsnga mchogs nas bsdi smigs kyang bster dngul yang
  13. slog | mo bsnga mchogs nas zer ’byung | gsdes nas gsum mchogs go yi nang du sleb
  14. ’byung | mo bsnga mchogs nas ngos {tho ma} bstong du ma bcug | mcham ’phyogs zer pa’i
  15. gyu la bstan nas | a ’jo du li dang (bkra shis) tshes dbang bos nas slebs ’byung |
  16. sde nas | a ’byo du li nga shogs zer nas gang byed gyu zer nas | nga ga ra la zer
  17. ’byung | ngos ga ra nas zer ba mas smad ’cham po byed shogs zer ba yin {1S} |
  18. a jo du li la lags pa bster ba yin | mo snga mchogs yi sa nas kyang khyed ma bu
  19. mchams na | ngos snga mchogs nas sprol thab byed mchogs zer nas | du li (bkra shis)
  20. la lags pa bster pa ngos ma yin | ngos ga ra nas mo snga mchog la zer ba
  21. khyed (thugs rje) (chen po) ru rtsos dge bdod zer pa yin | snga mchogs nas zer pa khyed
  22. mas smed (thams cad) ’khres la song zer pa’i gyu la bsten nas | ngos kyang logs pa yin
  23. nga yis bzhags gnyis gsum dgug nas ’dod pa yin | khyed snga mchogs kyang logs nas
  24. song ’dug | ngos bdang pha ma dang bu med kha la nyan dgos ’byung | dgong tshig gi
  25. bsrol mkhyun dang mthun pa’i bka’ mkhrims ’byor gnang yod pa dang dgong gis
  26. mtshigs snams sden pa yin | dgong ka sar nas mkhrims kyis bsdar bsha[n] mdzad
  27. dus | ’dzun pa ’byung ba shar tshes | dgong dka’ sar nas bka’ mkhrims dgang gnang
  28. kyang man mi zhu bzhus pa’i ga ra chos bskyab rang thad gyis stags X

1. phag lo’i; rgan mi ’dus rnams 2. zhabs su zhus pa; bdag ming rtags khungs sham gsal; mgar ba chos skyabs; mukh 3. ko jamāni ’bul ba’i snying po; don ngos ’grogs dus 4. brdzangs pa dngos ma; lnga mchog; rgya mi 5. snying ’dod; chu ’thag; (yar bkab mar bkab)? 6. de yi rgyu la; tshong la spyi tshong la ’gro dus; rtsar slebs 7. bzhag nas; ’chi ’bral ma gtogs gson ’bral 8. lag pa; chod tshig bzhag; chod 9. mnyes? nas; sngon la; sham la nga mgar ba 10. ’khras brten; gsum mchog; sgo yi sang (< gseng) 11. mgar ba la; lnga mchog; lde mig; ster 12. lnga mchog; zer byung; de nas gsum mchog sgo; slebs 13. byung; lnga mchog; (tho ma)? stong du; ’cham chog 14. rgyu la brten; a jo; tshe dbang ’bod; slebs byung 15. de nas; a jo; snga shog (< shos); byed rgyu; mgar ba 16. byung; mgar ba nas; mes mes ’cham po byed shog 17. lag pa; lnga mchog gi 18. ’cham na; lnga mchog; bkrol? thabs byed chog 19. lag pa; mgar ba; lnga mchog 20. tsowe sdod; lnga mchog 21. mes mes; ’khras; rgyu la brten; log pa 22. {yis} zhag; bsgugs nas bsdad pa; lnga mchog kyang log 23. dang pha; dgos byung; gong tshig 24. srol rgyun; bka’ khrims sbyor; gong gi 25. tshig rnams bden; gong kacaharī; khrims kyi gdar shan; 26. rdzun pa; shar tshe; gong kacaharī; bka’ khrims gang 27. zhus pas mgar ba chos skyabs rang ’thad kyis rtags

Female Fire Pig year, first month, 13th day. To the headmen and officials of Te. The subject of the verbal testimony by me, mGar ba chos skyabs, whose name and thumbprint are provided below [is as follows]. It is true that, when we became friends, I sent an intermediary. lNga mchog said to the intermediary that when there is compatibility, even a couple consisting of a Tibetan and an Indian will work; if separation is desired, then even an upper and a lower millstone [will not stay together]. It is true that, on the strength of these words, when I was about to go trading with a group of companions, I visited her house. I engaged an intermediary, and it is true that he (?) said that we should separate only in death, not in life, and took each of us by the hand. Although I had engaged an intermediary, I had not drawn up a written agreement. She was pleased by the [idea of] a written agreement (?). She went to the [temple of the] Great Compassionate One first and I, mGar ba, arrived later. However [others] did not regard this as a safe haven (?). Then [my wife] gSum mchog and my (or her) mother came and seized me, mGar ba, through the crack in the door. Then lNga mchog said to me, “Give [them?] the key and return the money”. Then gSum mchog came through the door. lNga mchog would not let me send her away, but said that we should settle the matter. Accordingly, we called elder brother Du li and bKra shis tshe dbang, and they came. Du li, the first to speak, said to me, “What shall we do?”

“We kinsmen should be reconciled,” I replied, and extended my hand to elder brother Du li. lNga mchog said, “If you and your mother reconcile, I, lNga mchog, shall try to leave you (or to separate you?),” and she gave Du li bkra shis her hand. I, mGar ba, said to lNga mchog, “You remain here in the [temple of] the Great Compassionate One”.

“You go and find refuge, you and all your relatives!” she replied, and I accordingly went back. I waited for two or three days, but you, lNga mchog, had returned [home from the temple]. I had to heed my parents and my daughter.

Pray judge these words in accordance with custom. The above statement is true. When the exalted palace carries out a legal examination, if it transpires that there is any falsehood, I, mGar ba chos skyabs, shall not contest whatever judgment is passed by the palace, and to this I willingly set my mark.