Date: Iron Sheep year, 3rd month (1871? 1931?)
Lines: 18
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: title on verso: “list of property in Tshognam gompa” (tshog nam mgon pa’i ’phog yig leg)

Short transliteration

1. lcags mo lugs bzla ba 3 pa’i tshes la | rgan pa span pa tshe ring dang | ka mi skyabs |sri thar
tshes dbang gsum |
17. mi (chos sgrub) | tshe dbang (nor bu) lo 4 kyi ngo la yig | (bkra shis) shogs | zhu bdag | dge ’o|
dza ma 4 yod | rtsa ka li na 1
18. yod (bkra shis)

Tshog rnam mgon pa’i ’phog yig leg

A list of temple property drawn up in the presence of the three headmen of Te. The list includes a Brom don pa’i ka ’bum [’Brom ston pa’i bka’ ’bum] and a copy of the biography of bsTan ’dzin ras pa (bstan ’dzin res pa’i rnam thar). Most of the items in the list—including the two mentioned above—are no longer in temple. It is likely that they were removed when the previous occupant, the guardian of the deceased sMon lam, was evicted three generations ago in favour of his cousin rNam rgyal (see HMA/Te/Tib/34).