Date: Earth Tiger year, 1st month, 13th day
Lines: 12 lines of text followed by a long list of temple property
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: first line illegible due to damage


  1. sa stags (tshes zla) 13 6 nyin sgen gya [±6S] snying don rtsa tshogs dgong slab bkrang du [±4S]
  2. chos dbying su thim nas | dgon bdag med sten | gted lung rgen lha dbang nor bu rgen (kun dga’) (rig ’dzin) rgen (kun dga’) khrin [las]
  3. rtsos mi thus yul ba lhan brgyad zhal cham bros thun thogs nas | rang gi sa gnas skyi blam chod | tsham pa rnam brgyal
  4. (tshe dbang) me bar pha bu rnam ma rtog med skyen skyis | gong pha bu rnams la dgon bdag byed gos sung rkyang | gong [1S]
  5. smon lam gzhing ’das ’di la sku skyed sprul sku ngos brten cig (’byung tshe) stab shil nang khod skyis brgyu nor che rig chung gsum
  6. sprul skur rtsis ’phul byas chog [±6S] ±7S
  7. ma (’byung tshe) | tshogs rnams dgon pa’i dgon bzhis sa zhing brgyu nor gang yod stab shil nang khod gang yod | pha che bu brgyud
  8. du | tsham pa rnam brgyal pha bu rnams la bkal pa dang (nyi zla) nam gnas bar du yul spyi nas ’bul bha yin | nam [b]u
  9. tsham rnams sa brten skal bha stong tshe dgon bzhis brgyu nor gang yod | gter yul skyi brgyu bdag gnang brgyu phan tshun
  10. gnyis phyogs blo slang gi rgan bgya | dgon bzhi ’di yi brgyu nor che rigs chung gsum (thams cad) tho skod nang ltar sal |||
  11. stab shil | (list of property follows)

Since the dissolution of . . . [lacuna] . . . into the dharmadhātu sphere there has been no lama to take care of the temple gSang sngags chos gling. This is an agreement between the Tepas, led by their three headmen. . . . The Anchorite rNam rgyal and Tshe dbang me ’bar, father and son—only these two shall we accept as the chaplains of our land. They shall be in charge of the temple on the condition that they must return the property, listed below, to any future incarnation of the late sMon lam. If there is no [incarnation], everything pertaining to Tshognam temple that is set out in the list—the monastic estate, the fields, the moveable property—shall be offered by the community to Anchorite rNam rgyal and his descendants as long as the world age and the sun and the moon endure. In the event of the lineage coming to an end the temple and its property must be returned to the community of Te.