Date: Fire Dragon year, 1st month, 8th day, Tuesday (1916)
Lines: 15
Script: ’khyug


  1. me ’brug zla pa dang po’i tshes 8 re gza’ 3 nyin tshog dgongs (bla ma)
  2. bstan pa’i (brgyal mtshan) la | tshe rog gzo pa kun dga’ sri thar nas
  3. phar shi spa tar g.yu’i ’bum pa nyo tshong byas pa’i (yi ge) ’bris nas phul
  4. snying | don tshan sti ri mgon pa’i (bla ma) (rdo rje) (brgyal mtshan) dang ngos gzo pa kun
  5. dga’ sri thar gnyis dngul 100 g.yu bum pa’i rin byas nas nyos pa yin pa da
  6. lta tshog dgong (bla ma) la ngos (kun dga’) sri thar khos btab che rkyen rin babs
  7. dngul 19 byas nas rtsong pa de phyi su su thad nas gnyed tsher byas mi ’byung
  8. tshes ngos tshe rog gzo pa (kun dga’) sri thar nas khas len btang chog cing
  9. ma zad dus de nas bskal pa nam stong {[ph]o rog} pha tshe ’bu rab la u
  10. sur mi snyan grang skad rtsam me bzhus pa gzo pa (kun dga’) sri thar rtags |
  11. (rjes su) su thad nas snyed tsher byung tshe (bla ma) bstan pa’i (brgyal mtshan) gis dngul gang
  12. song ngos bkag gzo pa stag la gis phul nying gzhan gis khas len
  13. ngos nas gtang phyogs bzhus pa gzo pa stag la rang mi gyur pa’i rtags |
  14. gdon bde’i phya spang (nyi ma) bsam grub rtags | gter bsam spel (nyi ma) rtags |
  15. bkag spyan rtsugs (chos skyabs) rtags | gter stags la rtags |

A rejoinder (? phar shi pha tar < Nep. prattiutarpatra?) submitted by a blacksmith of Tsherog, named Kun dga’ srid thar. He bought a turquoise vase from Lama rDo rje rgyal mtshan of Tiri dgon pa for 100 rupees. He has now sold it to Lama bsTan pa’i rgyal mtshan of Upper Tshognam for 19 rupees because he badly needed the money. No one may dispute this. The document is a declaration of his honest acquisition of the vase, presumably because he is under suspicion of having stolen it. Nothing so much as the buzzing of a fly (grang skad rtsam < sbrang skad tsam) shall be said about this matter as long as the world age lasts. The deleted syllables [ph]o rog suggest that the scribe was about to add another stock formula of immutability, viz. ‘until the black crow (pho rog) turns white’, but changed his mind. The blacksmith sTag la of Kag undertakes to refund Lama bsTan pa’i rgyal mtshan’s money if anyone successfully disputes Kun dga’ srid thar’s right to sell the vase.

The witnesses to this agreement are Nyi ma bsam grub (of unspecified provenance), bSam ’phel nyi ma of Te, and Chos skyabs, the overseer (spyan rtsugs < spyan btsug: see Introduction) of Kag.