Date (line 6): Fire Dragon year, 11th month, 1st day, Wednesday (1796)
Lines: 6
Script: ’khyug
Remarks: square seal, illegible, at end


1. sa bkyong khri thob khro po dpal dgon nas |
2. rted lung pa la (yig ges) bris nas rnang don la | sngon ri lam gi yigs cha la gsor
3. nas ma zhags pa khams chu ’byung {1S} nas khris thob khro po dpal dgon rtsos pa’i mi drags 4 rnam nas | ri lam gi kor spang po rnam la gris pa bcod ’dus
5. sngon gi yig cha la sor nas ’byung zhings | sngon gi yig cha nang khod | rtod rna po
6. chos rten man | smed sa tsham tsa’u tha ri yan ched rted pa’i ris tsham tsa
7. ’u tha ri man chad tshugs pa’i ris thag chod nas rnang pa yin | rang rang gi ris lam nas shing lus khyer ’dus | rted tshugs phen tshun su thed nas lam rkags mi
8. chog pa shar shar rtang rgyu chod pa yin | gong khod su thed nas {1} sor nas ma zhags tshes bha dngul rtong 1000 rgyal zhabs (rin po che) la phul rgyu dang khris thob
11. khro po dpal dgon la bha dngul 500 phul dgos | me drugs zla 11 pa’i tshes 1 nyin rnang pa ge ||

This letter has been issued by the Protector of the Land (sa skyong) Khri thob dPal mgon to the community of Te. There has been a dispute over an earlier document concerning the boundaries of certain pasturelands. But witnesses have been produced and a certain earlier document is hereby confirmed: as in this document, Te’s pastures extend from rNa pa chos rten (a large stupa that now marks the southern boundary of Lo Monthang’s territory) down to the lower boundary, rTsa ’u tha ri (< Nep. cautari). Tshug’s pastures lie below rTsa ’u tha ri (i.e. in the area called Tsartsong). People may take wood and dung from the pastures of their own territory, and none may prevent them from doing so. Whoever does not abide by this ruling shall pay a fine (bha dngul < ’ba’ dngul) of 1000 rupees to rGyal zhabs rin po che —i.e. whoever happens to be the relevant legal authority at the time—and 500 rupees to Khri thob Khro bo dpal mgon.

Khro bo dPal mgon, a resident of Dzar, was the head of the ruling family of Baragaon at the time of the Gorkha annexation of Mustang in 1789. See Pant and Pierce 1989: documents 1 and 2; Schuh 1994: 43).