Date: Wood Dragon, 7th month, 7th day (1844? 1904?)
Lines: 9
Script: tshugs


  1. skag a smal ska rtsar drung du | phi ra spa ltar ’phul don | tshug (rdo rje) tshe ring | nam kha’ bkra shis | ’du li mi ngo gsum
  2. nas | ngos bster (phun tshogs) tshe ring gtso’ i mi ngo dgu ming du bka’ khrim phul lan| kho bo’ i bha dhi nang ’khod | lu khal
  3. rgyu nor phrogs bcom zer ba dang | khyi bsad | mi la brdung gzhur byas ’byung zer pa dang | ma tshad btab shil nang gsal
  4. rgyu nor che chung gang rigs bzhigs | ngos phyogs nas mig mthong lag ’dzin ’khur byed brdung bzhur khyi bsad phrogs bcom byas pa gang yang med bzhin | hang song pha rib gis bha dhi phul nas gdug po btang mi phyog pas | bka’
  5. {’khrims yod brten la | ma mtshar smon ’thang zla pa bsam grub | padma | mtsho shar lo chen pa bzang tshi ring gsum
  6. la kho bo’i lto chang gang yags bskrad bzas ’thung byas te | sglos rogs mnyam ’byor yod rkyen cha dpang la ngos
  7. mi ’gro bas} ‘dzun stong zog lab gis | dgongs bka’ ’khrims nas ngos rnams la gdugs po med pa (mkhyen mkhyen)
  8. dgongs gtam bden pa ma togs ’dzun pa med bzhin ’dzun du song na dben srol gang snang min mi bzhu pa dgongs
  9. ming rnams kyi lags bskor spyi rtags X shing ’brug zla 7 pa’i tshes 7 res gza’ 5 nyin phul |

To the government court (a smal ska rtsar < Nep. amāl kacaharī) in Kag. The subject of this letter of complaint (phi ra spa ltar < Nep. phirād patra): nine named Tepas make a formal response to an accusation levelled by three Tshugpas, rDo rje tshe ring, Nam mkha’ bkra shis and Du li. In their petition (bha dhi < Nep. bādī) the Tshugpas stated that we had stolen loads of dung and valuables, killed a dog and beaten the people. In fact, of the items listed in their statement, not a single one have we seen with our eyes or held with our hands, nor have we committed any acts of load-stealing, [people-]beating, dog-killing or looting. Since there are laws prohibiting the infliction of suffering after the submission of distorted (hang song) accusation (pha rib < Nep. pharep). Since the Tshugpas have given food and beer in abundance to Zla ba bsam grub and Padma of sMon thang and Lo chen Pa sang tshe ring of mTsho shar, they are not acceptable as witnesses. Because they have submitted a false, mendacious statement, we beg that the law should not cause us hardship. The statement we have made above is only the truth, not falsehood. If it transpires that we are not telling the truth, we shall accept whatever punishment you give us according to national law (dben < Nep. ain) or local custom. We, whose names are given above, validate this statement by marking a cross on behalf of us all (spyi) to indicate that we have passed it from hand to hand.

See commentary to HMA/Te/Tib/41.