Date: Earth Monkey year, 6th month, (illegible) day, Wednesday (1908)
Lines: 8
Script: ’khyug


  1. sa spres zla 6 ba yi tshe — res bza lhag pa’i nyin | shod yul kha lnga kha la cig spa don la gnyis spa bres bu gsum
  2. spa gam cha (chos skya) yig ge bris don la | don tsa sku Zzhabs gnyis yam bu la bzhang nas | sku Zzhabs gnyis kyi bka’ bdrin
  3. la yam bu nas phyag stams snom nas khur chang ’u lags gnyis kyi phyir ’du | sku Zzhabs gnyis ’dun ’du shod yul lnga po
  4. gyab ’du sdad nas gcigs phyong ’du gnyis ’phyong byed gyu mchod pa dang | gal srin ngos shod yul lnga po khur chang ’u lags
  5. ’de gnyis kyi phyir ’du shod yul lnga po gcigs ’du gnyi phyong byed pa (ma tog) | ngos yul bsu thed nas men bzhus spang
  6. shar tshes yul res la dngul 100 bzhus med spa yul lnga yis grigs phyed ston gyu mchod pa yin | don tsheg ’de la
  7. mi gyur spa stang yed rgan shis lo (rdo rje) lags rtags X tshugs rgan dpal ’dzang (bkra shis) lags rtags X gya ga rgan (rgyal mtshan)
  8. lags rtags X rtse las rgan dbang ’dus lags rtags X sted rgan skyid kyabs tshes ring lags stags X (bkra shis) |

A document (gam cha < Nep. gaca) confirming that the inhabitants of the five communities of the Shod yul should not say one thing and mean another with the result that the outcome is something different again. The two unnamed lords (sku zhabs) have gone to Kathmandu and have kindly secured a sealed document to the effect that the five villages of Shod yul are no longer obliged to provide khur chang or ’u lag taxes (to the King of Lo). For the purpose of enforcing this decision, the lords should stand in front and the five Shod yul behind them, providing vigorous support in any arguments (lit. “two jump where one has jumped”).

If a village fails to provide its support, it shall be fined 100 rupees. One headman from each of the five communities signs.