Date: Earth Bird year, 3rd month, 5th day, Saturday (1909)
Lines: 9
Script: ’khyug


  1. sa bya zla pa gsum pa’i tshe lnga re gza’ spen pas nyin | ngos gshod yul kha lnga po lhan mdzom gyis gros thog nas mchod tshig
  2. (yi ge) ’bris ’don la | khur chang ’u lag gnyis bskor la bstod smad gnyis nas | si ri –
    1–brgyal ’zhabs (rin po che’i) phyag gtam la rtsis med
  3. byas ste ’dug {1S} po gtang mi ’byung tshe yul thog la zla rtang nas mi drag gang po yom mdzom nas khrim bstun byas nas ma tog gzur
  4. mgo yon bgyis ’u lag khur sa med | khur chang byang sa med | bde thog la zla ma phrod na yul nas dngul brgyad res mdang zla phrod
  5. nas ma yongs tshe yul ma yongs na dngul brgyad mdangs | mi ma yongs tshe dngul res ’chad pa ston nas spyi thog tu gza’ rgyu mdangs | ma
  6. tshad sngon srol ltar ’du lo res bzhin zla pa gsum pa’i tshe 10 la | tsho nas chang bslum ’gyang ba gnyis res ’dus nas spyi yom mdzom nas
  7. chang ’thung bzhin | ’khrim med byas mi byung nas dug na bka’ tshig ’dus nas spyi nas khrim bzhibs bya rgyu | (’gal ste) gongs don
  8. mchod tshigs rnams la ’gal mi ’byung tshe spyi thog tu bha dngul 500 res rgan mi drag mdzom nas len rgyu mchod pa ngos yul kha lnga po’i rgan
  9. mi drag tshog ’dus gsham sal {1S} gtsos spyi lag bskor kyis rtags the po (9 signatories are named)

Earth Bird year, 3rd month, 5th day, Saturday. This document has been drawn up following an agreement reached in the course of a meeting of the five Shod yul. Regarding the khur chang taxes and ’u lag obligations: if anyone does not respect the sealed document issued by the ruler of Nepal, and continues to cause us hardship, messages have to be sent to [five] communities and all the officials must meet. We should act only in accordance with the law; no one shall act independently and continue to provide ’u lag duties or pay khur chang taxes. If a community should fail to convey a message there shall be a fine of 8 rupees per settlement; if a message is sent and a settlement does not come there will be a fine of 8 rupees, and if an individual fails to come there will be a fine of 1 rupee. The fines shall be shared equally; and furthermore, in accordance with custom, on the 10th day of the 3rd month of each year, beer from 2 gyang bu of fermented barley shall be collected, and all shall assemble and drink it. If there should be anyone who acts in violation of the law, the matter should be investigated by everyone together. If anyone should transgress the terms of this document specified above, the headmen and officials shall together levy a fine of 500 rupees. The headmen and officials of the five Shod yul, whose names are made clear below, confirm this document by passing it from hand to hand.