Date: Earth Bird year, 3rd month, 13th day, Friday (1909)
Lines: 5
Script: ’khyug


  1. sa mo bya lo zla 3 tshe 13 res spa bzang la shod yul lnga yis khur ’chang yis ’phyir ’du sku Zzhabs bzang (rdo rje) gis slo dpon po nas phya stam gnom nas | yul lnga yis gro mgo ma tshang par ’u ’dug nas ’dzo ra thogs ’dus nas
  2. ’dzar sku Zzhabs bzang po (rdo rje) la ṭam stong 1 ’phul pa yin | (byes su) shod yul lnga kha thun tshogs ’dus slo glang gyur med gis mchod tshigs (yig ge) bris don la | don rtsa lo rta bya lo nas hen phyi stam nang la khyer pa ma stogs nang stam phyi la
  3. khyer sa med | ma zad ’dzo ra rtogs ’dus yod bzer nas yul pa’i su zer sa med spa dang | ’de nas phyin chad ’dzo ra stogs ’dus gyu med spa mchod pa yin | gal srid nang stam phyi la khyer pa dang ’dzo ra stogs ’dus yod
  4. zer nas phyi la zer pa byung tshe dngul — 100 — mchod pa yin | don tshigs ’a ’de la gyur pa | sted yed rgan tshes ris (sangs rgyas) stag the spo | tshugs rgan zla ba (don grub) rtags the spo | gya kha rgan tshes ring (bsam drug) rtags the spo | rtse les rgan brten dzin
  5. chos skyabs stags the spo | rted rgan lcang phur spa stags the spo | rgan lnga rtsos pa’i shod yul lnga spyi lag skor kyi rtags (bkra shis) |

sKu zhabs bZang po rdo rje has brought a sealed document (phya rtams < phyag dam) from the nobles of Lo concerning (lit. for) the khur chang tax. Because the five villages have not enough resources (lit expenses: l. 1 gro mgo < ’gro sgo) they are experiencing hardship. Funds have therefore been collected on the basis of dzos and goats (i.e. villages pay money to the fund according the amount of livestock they own, and 1,000 ṭam (i.e. 500 rupees) have been given to sKu zhabs bZang po rdo rje.
Later, the five Shod yul assembled and drew up the following agreement:
From [this] Bird year onwards (l. 2 hen), information (l. 2 stam < gtam) about the outside should be brought to the inside, and inside information may not be conveyed outside (i.e. specifically concerning the coming break from Lo). Nothing may be said about our collection of funds on the basis of dzos and goats. Henceforth, money may not be raised on the basis of dzos and goats. If inside information is conveyed to the outside, and if anyone says to outsiders that money was raised on the basis of dzos and goats, there shall be a fine of 100 rupees.
Document signed by the headmen of Taye, Tshug, Gyaga, Tsele and Te, and affirmed by the assembly by being passed around from hand to hand.