Date: Earth bird year, 12th month, 16th day (1910)
Lines: 5
Script: ’khyug


  1. sa bya zla 12 pa’i tshe 16 nyin | shod yul khags 5 mtho smen sgrags zhan gang po Zzhal ’bros mthun mong thogs nas chod tshig (yi ges) khod don | snga Zzhabs lar brgya thogs
    ring thung |
  2. sa rnang gar ’dzom rkyang yul 5 ’bros thog dpes don gcig ma thog zur dpes bston sa med
    | ga zigs zur dpes su thad nas don pa ’byung na bsngon khyun nang chod nyes chad
    bsgrub rgyu deng
  3. khur lcang bskor dngul ’dus sgro go song la | gang po phyis brgyar du su zhig la shad sa med | ga zigs su thad nas shad thos ’byung tshes ’dis thogs bsngon chod nyes chad rang chod la dgong tshig
  4. mi gyur pa | pha khags bu spri g.yas khag g.yon spris ’dran gtam sar skyed yi zhab rgyugs brang med pa | ’dir chogs mi mang sgrags zhen gang po rang thags rang chod gis spyis legs
  5. bskor rtags | the’u

Earth Bird year, 12th month, 16th day. This written document has been drawn up following an agreement among all the members of the five Shod yul, the high and low, the powerful and the weak. Wherever we have to attend a meeting, whether far or near, in accordance with the traditional practice of Ngazhab, the members of the five communities should place their votes (dpes < dpe [skal]) in the same place, not separately. Whichever community casts its votes separately shall be fined.
On the matter of the [abolition of the] khur chang, nobody may speak to anyone else at all from the outside (l. 3 gang po phyis brgyar du < gang po phyi rgyal du?) about our gathering money for expenses (l. 3 sgro go song < ’gro sgo + ’gro song?) [to secure mediation: see document…]. Whoever does speak about it shall be fined as above.
Document affirmed by being passed around the assembly from hand to hand.